Landon Donovan to Club América? ¡Guau!

Whether or not this even has a chance of becoming reality remains to be seen, but Greg Lalas of Sports Illustrated makes the case for it here, Why Donovan could join the enemy.

Here’s Landon Donovan depicting America’s role in WW II…

My buddy… My buddy and me.

In all seriousness, I think Lalas makes a good case for Landon joining las Águilas del America, given the precarious perch they find themselves in right now, on the brink of relegation.

Personally, I’d love to see what a world-class player like Donovan brings to a tradition-laden side like C.A. I’d also love to see how he’d be treated by the rabid fan base in México City. He is the proverbial thorn in México’s side.

Hopefully they would treat him better than they did last week, when idiotic fans threw various things at him as he prepared to take a corner kick. Seriously folks, boo the man, hiss at him but why hurl projectiles (among other things) at him?

As in most realms in the sporting world, if he joins C.A. and the team starts dominating, I think the fans will warm up to him. The fact he speaks Spanish wouldn’t hurt him either.

That being said, when Donovan suits up for the Stars and Stripes, all club allegiances dissipate and I would expect nothing less from my countrymen than a rabid antagonism.

Especially when memories like this are seared into the collective memories of all fans of my beloved Tricolor,

Landon Donovan

Roberto Baggio, David Beckham, John Terry, Dwayne De Rosario, Brian Ching?

Penalty shoot-outs in fútbol are the bane of many a fan of said sport, but I think it is the haters that have the biggest problem with them.

Personally, I like the drama, the suspense, the finality of the thing. This despite the fact that my childhood was scarred by México’s inability to win a World Cup shootout (whether 1-4 in ’86 against Germany or 1-3 in ’94 against Bulgaria).

I’m guessing El Tri‘s shoot out woes have to do with our succession of vertically-challenged keepers (yes I know the current squad had a couple of “giant” 6-footers).

Back to the title of this post: What do these 5 guys have in common? They all fell prey to the same phenomenon: stars who choked during penalty shoot-outs costing their team the game.

The last 2 add their names to the list after their performance in last night’s SuperLiga final between the Houston Dynamo and New England Revolution. (the hometown Dynamo lost in a shoot-out)

Yes, I know that the 1994 World Cup final (Baggio, Italy), Euro 2004 quarters (Beckham, England), 2008 Champions League final (Terry, Chelsea) are infinitely bigger stages than a contrived tournament like SuperLiga, but why do star players continue to peter out at crunch time?

One of life’s great enigmas…

David Beckham coming to the Colonies

“Becks” is leaving a fútbol-crazy Old World for American shores. He is easily the most recognized fútbol player in the world and arguably the most popular athlete in the world. Why is Becks doing this? Well there are 250 million obvious reasons but I believe there is something else as well. 250 million bones over 5 years (take that A-Rod!)

I believe other than the outrageous sum of money, he craves the anonymity of being a fútbol player in the U.S. Quite frankly, people here are not obsessed with fútbol. Most people know nothing about Beckham (below) other than the movie “Bend it like Beckham”.

This Redshirt is coming! This Redshirt is coming!

Mr. Beckham will enjoy being just another person here in the States. He will enjoy not being mobbed by fans and photogs everywhere he goes. I’m not so sure about his wife though, who as “Posh Spice”, achieved more popularity here in the States than her world-famous husband. Sure, they will still be hounded by Old World paparazzi but probably not with the rabid fanaticism found in Europe.

Michael Jordan couldn’t pull this off if he moved across the pond. People all over the world know who Jordan is, I can’t say the same about Becks’ popularity here in the USA. Hockey is more popular than fútbol, that’s pathetic. I would venture to say that Arena Football is more popular than the beautiful sport.

Welcome Becks to this fair country, enjoy your new found anonymity and don’t spend your $250 mill all in one place!