Is Christian Music Sissy?

I understand that this is a bit dated but the “inspiration” (no not theopneustos but maybe anthropneustos?) comes from the Nov 05 2007 issue of ESPN the Magazine.

In this publication there is a section (“For Love or the Game”) where questions are asked of a famous athletes’ significant other and of a buddy of said athlete to see who knows him/her best.

In this particular issue the athlete in question was Colorado Rockies’ star, Matt Holliday. The interviewees were his wife Leslee and his teammate Garrett Atkins.

Leslee won the face off, but of more relevance to this post was one of the questions asked: What is Matt’s favorite CD?

Leslee answered with this,

He likes Scott Stapp. We’re both Christian, but it’s hard to find that kind of music that isn’t sissy.

Having a natural dislike for Creed, my first response was, “What, Stapp doesn’t churn out sissy music?”.

But does Mrs. Holliday have a point? Is it hard to find so-called Christian music that isn’t “sissy”?