Brady Quinn Will Be “Ready”

I don’t like Notre Dame, never have and probably never will. This dislike was aggravated when they beat my Longhorns in consecutive years while I was a student there. I was there for the second one (1996) and the ‘Horns almost pulled it out but the golden aura overcame them.

To be fair, the dislike is attenuated every time I watch Rudy, hey nobody is perfect.

The national media hypes up this program everytime they have a winning record, and that hype extends to Irish players. I know there have been great Irish players that have parlayed their success in the NFL.

But for every Montana, or Theismann you have a Mirer or a Powlus. As for the most recently hyped up Irish signal caller, Brady Quinn, the jury is still out as to his NFL viability. With the Cleveland Browns, he’s had to sit behind surprise starter QB Derek Anderson who came alive last season.

Enter this season, Anderson finds himself struggling and while, Head Coach Romeo Crennel recently asserted as ,

Anderson is the starter and [Brady] Quinn will be ready.

Does this mean that Anderson is on a short leash? That Quinn will get the call at the first sign of Anderson going Matt Schaub?

Not that reflecting on Cleveland Browns football occupies a significant portion of my time (waking or otherwise), but I do hope that Brady Quinn gets the opportunity to justify the existence of this ridiculous shirt:

Truth be told this shirt is the reason for this post and truth be told, I don’t think anything Brady Quinn does can or will ever justify this shirt. So, where can I get one?

Texas 17, Virginia 16


Yes I know this ticket stub has seen better days, it suffered at the hands of an overzealous gate person.

We recently moved and as it sometimes happens you find stuff you forgot you had.

I found a bag of old ticket stubs from events I attended in years past. I scanned them and hope to create a series of posts.

This one is from my freshman year at Texas from a game which the ‘Horns won on a last second 50 yard field goal (against a treacherous Central Texas wind) as time expired by Phil Dawson (now with the Cleveland Browns).

This was my first thrill of many as a UT fan. This game also marked the first and last time I attended a UT football game alone, though after Dawson’s kick cleared the uprights I hugged a lot of people I didn’t know and probably never saw again at UT.

Notice the ticket price, anyone know how much this type of ticket would fetch now?