Green Power Ranger Fights For Jesus Not Al Gore

The phenomenon that was the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers came on the scene too late in my life for me to bite into and enjoy its cheesy and goofy goodness. Never understood the concept of the show, though I may or may not have had a thing for the Pink Power Ranger, too bad she only had eyes for the Green Power Ranger.

Speaking of which, the man who played the GPR, Jason David Frank, is an MMA fighter. I’m sure that to Mr. Frank, MMA fighters must seem like chopped liver compared to the giant invertebrates he had to tussle with when with the MMPRs.

Frank is also a Christian and has meshed the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints with his chosen profession. The Houston Chronicle did a piece on him:

Jesus as the ultimate ultimate fighter

I get what he’s trying to do and to some degree it is commendable but resorting to slogans such as “Putting the Jew in jiu jitsu” is unfortunate.

With a nod to another mid 90s staple, Animaniacs, is the message of this karate studio a good idea or bad idea?

Speaking of 90s staples we all know that though the GPR might not fight for Al Gore, these guys would chomp at the bit:

Though I’m sure they’re also wondering why Mr. Gore has been strangely silent about the mess in the Gulf.

English the Universal Language

The wife and I took our son to México over the weekend to visit my relatives who for the most part still reside in the old country.

We drove down there and thanks be to God we got back safe and sound, not to mention that it can be truly said that a good time was had by all.

So I was watching Mexican TV on Sunday morning and at this time the programming mostly caters to children. Amazingly enough one of the shows that I watched as a child is still running new episodes.

During a commercial break, there was a commercial which was somewhat surprising to me. Here in the States we tend to hear that those who wish to see English declared as the official language of these United States are racist, xenophobes or at best just ugly Americans.

I never understood the criticisms aimed at this group of people, why? Well because if you go to México no one objects to Spanish (the language of the majority) being my native country’s official language.

Back to the commercial: it was an ad for a set of DVDs (made by Disney) to teach kids English.

That was not much of a surprise but the way it was being marketed was. The pitch was that your kids must learn English for the sake of their future and that English must be learned because it is the “universal language”.

Strange that in the U.S. English has not been declared the official language (for political reasons) yet in México an ad is declaring it to be the universal language.