The First Fists Open Up Friday Linkage

Three-fourths of the First Family hard at play on the Gulf Coast:

“What coast?  GULF COAST!”

The other fourth? She’s probably too busy focusing on her future presidency (a preview here) and has no time for such trivialities as putt-putt.

Here are the week’s links:

Residents of Sac-town, hide your kids, hide your wife, there are zebras on the loose… Mark Driscoll’s helpful  thoughts on Anne Rice’s departure from the shores of Christianity…  You gotta use Starbucks’ designated size names (Tall, Grande, Venti) or face getting the boot like this prof did…  Ann Coulter?  She’s complicated…  Chicharito made his Man U home debut last Monday and was greeted with “rapturous applause”… A Houston teenager is slain by a tag team consisting of a permanent resident and an undocumented alien, her uncle “would like to see what they’re doing in Arizona done here” so clearly, he must clearly be a racist…This week’s entry into the “Best Illustration of Romans 1:21-24”  sweepstakes.  A contest which unfortunately we have all submitted an entry to…

The Ubiquitous Chicharito Tops Friday Linkage

Mexico’s rising star and child of promise, Javier “Chicharito” (Little Pea) Hernandez is everywhere. Scoring goals against the World Champs in Azteca, off his face against Chelsea in the FA Community Shield Cup; gracing the front page of the Daily Mail’s football section under “Premier League Podcast” (below, second from left), and last but certainly not least residing in the lung of a senior citizen.

The kid hasn’t played one game in the EPL and he’s put up next to League stars Fàbregas, Lampard and Gerrard. Hope the pressure doesn’t crush our beloved little pea…

and here is the smorgasbord that is, Friday Linkage:

The ‘Stros kind of get some overseas love, and yes she broke up with him but not over him letting her get hit by the foul ball...  The Faith of Katy Perry and the eventual fate of Katy Perry’s music…Yep, I’m one of these 40%ers Here’s a column titled, “America’s Biggest Jobs Program — the U.S. Military”, written by, wait for it, a Berkeley prof. Maybe not quite the inspiration for Gibby’s “eliminating the Pentagon” blast but… Apparently Jennifer Aniston drew the ire of former Inside Edition luminary Bill O’Reilly by believing it to be a good idea to drive a car with your feet. And oh by the way, Aniston paid it forward Puritan anchor babies, need I say more? Finally, we are less than a month away from seeing these boys (below) in action. #81 there to the right is all-around great guy Sam Acho, here’s a great story about him…

[Photo credit: Peter Read Miller/Sports Illustrated]

Little Pea Makes the Jump to Old Trafford

Given Gio dos Santos less than stellar stay in English football and Carlos Vela’s pine-riding tenure at Arsenal, I’m developing a wait-and-see attitude towards Manchester United’s surprise signing of emerging Mexican striker Javier “El Chicharito” Hernandez.

For some reason the English game has not treated my countrymen well, though naturalized Mexican, Guille Franco, has found some success with West Ham.

That said, hopefully Chicharito (little pea) will have a meaningful impact at Old Trafford. He has had a torrid season with his current club, Chivas and has bedazzled while donning our country’s colors.

In a recent piece in the Telegraph, Chicharito expressed his feelings regarding the signing,

“I got goose-bumps when I realized I would be joining Manchester United. These are the things you dream about. I longed for a move to Europe when I was a kid watching lots of football on tv.”

He also made some comments comparing English football and Mexican football,

“Football in England is more developed than it is in Mexico and the culture of the country means that the football is more about playing fair and honestly. Everyone is doing their best to make sure you get good football on the pitch. I like that.”

While he may take some heat from our countrymen for these comments, I couldn’t agree more. I have watched more Mexican fútbol in my lifetime than I have EPL but it is clearly evident that the flopping endemic in the former is frowned up on in the latter, as it should be.

As an aside, someting in the article rubbed me the wrong way,

Hernandez speaks good English and studies for a degree in business administration in his spare time, so there were no issues with his character.

So let me get this straight, the marks of a good character are:

1) The ability to speak “good English”
2) Acquiring a degree


Maybe “character” has a different meaning in the UK than it does here in the States.