Did the Mannequin Cause the Accident?

Anyone remember the movie, Mannequin? Mannequin Where that guy ends up hooking up with a mannequin who comes to life? Oh, and that mannequin was played by none other than Kim Cattrall?

Well a Houston motorist wishes that his mannequin had come to life, though not for romantic reasons. You see, this guy was using a mannequin to get in carpool lane without penalty. This kind of thing is dreamed up by many a commuter here in Houston who has to deal with the congestion endemic to our thoroughfares.

If you can pull it off everything is peachy, but if you rear-end a fellow car pooler then things aren’t so swell. Unfortunately, Metro police doesn’t consider a mannequin as an occupant, so this particular commuter was ticketed for “with excessive speed and unauthorized use of a high-occupancy vehicle lane.”

Here’s the story from the Houston Chronicle where you can see the picture of the confiscated mannequin and read the commuter’s excuse: Metro: HOV driver with mannequin causes wreck

On a side note here’s the last part of the story,

Metro Police Capt. Michael Raney said officers confiscate, on average, one fake person a month from motorists in HOV lanes.

The most common type is a baby doll strapped in a car seat. Among fake adults, males are more common than females, he said.

The agency issued 4,683 tickets last year for unauthorized use of the HOV lane. The fine can go as high as $200.

“It should be a real person that is alive and breathing,” Raney said of the HOV passenger requirement. “Infants in the womb don’t count.”

And yes, he’s heard that one too.

I know Captain Raney isn’t a doctor, but surely he must know that “infants in the womb” are real people and they’re alive and do breathe.

Oprah: Biased? No Question. Racist? Hmm…

I create feelings in others that they themselves don’t understand. — Lightning McQueen

Well that’s one thing Barack Obama has in common with the Pixar creation. At least when it comes to the popular Ms. Winfrey, who said this after the Senator’s recent acceptance speech,

What I saw with Barack Obama was something that was transcendent and I felt transformational for me as a human being and for this country.

Hey, I hear you O! I’ve already given the best reasons that qualify Mr. Obama for the Presidency:

  1. He took the time to take pictures with the Texas football team
  2. He wears Asics

Those 2 trump what has been told to me : “he gives a good speech”, “he reminds me of JFK”, “he’s for change”

So now Oprah (unabashed Obama honk) is in the news for refusing to have Sarah Palin on her insanely popular show. Granted, O will have her on after the election (probably provided that the GOP doesn’t win) but not anytime before.

This prompted the good impartial folks over at ABC to ask the following question:
Is Oprah Biased? Host Won’t Interview Palin

Well of course she’s biased ABC (takes one to know one?) but the better question is, “Is she racist?”

I know it sound preposterous (it’s impossible for libs to be racist) but let’s play a bit of “A Time to Kill” pretend.

You have an immensely popular white talk show host who is endorsing a young, charismatic “biracial” GOP Presidential candidate (For example, George Prescott Bush, right). The Dems have a woman VP candidate on their ticket but said talk queen refuses to have her on the show.  Now imagine that the Democratic VP candidate is black.

How long would it take for the race-hustlin’ Sharptons and Jacksons of the world to cry bloody racism?

A shade longer than it took Mr. Cruise to leap into O history…

[For the record Ms. Winfrey, I don’t think you’re racist]

Super Mario Cake takes the em, Cake…

My wife, with the limited time she has, has made some wonderful cakes which have been not only aesthetically pleasing but very kind to the palate. Here’s an example,

I really believe that if my wife dedicated herself solely to cake-making she could replicate or even create a masterpiece such as this,

H/t: Geekologie (check out more pics of this cake here)

Dr. Z: Thanks for the free Houston Chronicle

I live approximately 26 miles from where I work. Not just any 26 miles but 26 miles worth of ghastly Houston traffic which has the potential (if one so chooses) to shorten anyone’s lifespan.

Thankfully, I have the option to use public transportation to get to and from work. That in so doing it reduces my so-called carbon footprint is not my motivation, I just as well not sit in Houston traffic thank you very much.

While I can do a number of posts on the different folks which ride the bus, this post is dedicated to an elderly gent who I call (not to him of course) “Dr. Z” due to his semblance to Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of Daimler-Chrysler (pictured below)

This gentleman brings a paper to read on the bus and due in part to his lack of consideration for the driver (who has to clean the bus) leaves his Houston Chronicle behind when he disembarks.

Me being the opportunist that I am, pick up his discarded paper so I can bring it into work so my co-workers and I can have something to read during lunch. Of course the paper being the paper will spur all sorts of interesting discussions on current events, worldviews and most importantly sports. The fact that it helps the driver out is icing on the proverbial cake.

So thanks Dr. Z for your “generosity”!

Car Dealerships and their Balloons

This post is brought to you by the “There are more important things to ponder” tag…

It’s safe to say that most everyone has driven by a car dealership that has one of these crowning the main salesroom,

I’m assuming that these things are put up there as some sort of sales gimmick. One day you want to buy a car and oh there is just so many dealerships, I know, honey let’s go to that one that has that giant inflatable _____ sitting on top of it.

Are consumers really that gullible? Or is there another reason to explain this phenomenon?

Funny how you’ll never see Kong atop the Lexus dealership.