Houston City Council Reads Last Row!

I only say so because they’re thinking of banning those giant advertising balloons which dot Houston freeways.  The balloons that we’ve blogged about here, “Car Dealerships and their Balloons”.

Here is the story from the Chronicle,
Council vote could deflate advertising practice: City weighs ban on large balloons and similar devices

Here’s the justification for banning these eyesores,

“I call them attention-distracting devices,” said Jeff Ross of the city’s planning commission. Ross said getting rid of them will make Houston more competitive with other cities that have banned them, such as Dallas, Austin and St. Louis.

“They distract the eye, create potential safety obstacles, obscure permanent signage and create visual blight,” said Tommy Friedlander, who chaired Mayor Bill White’s On-Premise Sign Task Force.

Predictably, car dealers are fighting the ban which will beautify our fair city (below). Though, to be sure Lexus dealerships will remain unaffected by the ordinance.