And Now the Rest of the Story: Star Wars Wedding

The other day I posted a picture of proof positive of human devolution* (see “Provide the Caption: Star Wars-Themed Wedding“).

Well in case anyone is pining for the story behind this sordid affair, here she is:

May the force be with… I do: The Star Wars fans and their out-of-this-world wedding

Hey at least the cake was cool:

*In all fairness to the participants, a few years ago, a variation of this disaster would have been my dream wedding. I would have gone with the Djas Puhr look (below),

while forcing (no pun intended, after all Herr Puhr was force-sensitive, ability 4 baby!) my bride to gear up in the gown worn by Princess Leia at the end of a New Hope (so sue me for being a purist).

Super Mario Cake takes the em, Cake…

My wife, with the limited time she has, has made some wonderful cakes which have been not only aesthetically pleasing but very kind to the palate. Here’s an example,

I really believe that if my wife dedicated herself solely to cake-making she could replicate or even create a masterpiece such as this,

H/t: Geekologie (check out more pics of this cake here)