Raptors in the Texas Medical Center

Not the Toronto Raptors, but the title alludes to those magnificent creatures which dive, soar and hunt amidst the edifices of the Texas Medical Center.

By the way, a raptor is a bird of prey (eagles, falcons, hawks etc).

There was the one time that I was peering out one of the windows in my lab when a peregrine falcon ran smack into it jolting me out of my reverie.

Then the other times when I’ve had the privilege of watching a hawk dive bomb on one of the countless (and hapless) rats with wings pigeons that infest the out of doors of this medical mecca.

Believe it or not, the hawk doesn’t always fly back to its roost with a pigeon in its talons. How such a finely designed creature doesn’t have a 100% success rate is mind-boggling, but then again pigeons can be pretty resourceful.

And according to this story, I guess robins can be as well: You should see the other guy… The ragged robin who tangled with a sparrowhawk and lived to tell the tale

Here’s a shot from the story,

Holy Hawk Batman, that was close!