Major News: Applewhite might be coming back to the 40 Acres

Before there was Vince, there was Major.

Vince Young at Texas conjures up images of him effortlessly gliding past one defender after another.

Major Applewhite, whose helmet seemed to big for his head (see below), reminded us that the will to win can sometimes overcome a lack of natural abilities.

I was at UT when Major took over the reins of Greg Davis’ offense and used to see the red-headed one around campus, the guy just didn’t look like a football player but somehow he proved a winner on the field.

When Vince arrived on campus I was long gone, degree in hand, so the memories of Applewhite, for me anyway, burn brighter in my recollection.

If it hadn’t been for Mack Brown’s insistence on playing Phil’s son, Major might have taken the program to the national championship game against Miami back in ’01.

Many of us ‘Horns fans remember Phil’s son giving the game away with 5 INTs to the Colorado Buffaloes, only to have Major come in in relief and almost pull out the win, which would have vaulted the ‘Horns to a showdown with Miami in the national title game.

Now there is talk that after one year of being the offensive coordinator at Alabama, Major appears to be heading back to his alma mater to be the running backs coach. Scuttlebutt has him being the heir apparent to Mack once he leaves.

That would be Mage-uh…

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Texas Bedevils Arizona State

Didn’t watch the Holiday Bowl due to the simple fact that we do not have cable, but thanks to YouTube as well as the gentleman who provided the video embedded below, I caught the highlights,

How ’bout those highly-paid ESPN analysts? LOL…

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Not Sweet: Limas Sweed is Out for the Year

A mediocre season takes another bad turn for the Texas Longhorns.

“Longhorns lose Sweed: Wide receiver to have season-ending wrist surgery”

Well in all fairness, he hasn’t been much of a factor (b/c of the injury?) so maybe Nate Jones and Quan Cosby can step it up. Can John Chiles play receiver?

Well I suppose there’s always Jermichael Finley…