Taquerías Arandas Goes Mainstream

When someone asks me to point them towards good Mexican food, naturally I refer to my mother’s home cooking (being a purist, I hear good and think authentic). However since my mom might not be thrilled to have total strangers come to her door, instead I refer folks to Taquerías Arandas.

While the fare offered at Tex-Mex joints (Pappasito’s et al) delights the palate, I’m afraid that for the most part it is not authentic Mexican food. Well it’s as authentic as Pei Wei is authentic Chinese food.

The reason I bring up my favorite eatery is this: So I’m listening to ESPN 97.5 FM The Ticket, a local sports radio station, and during commercial they went to their sports ticker/update thing. And guess who was the sponsor? Yep that’s right, Taquerías Arandas.

You know that a long-standing stalwart of Houston’s Mexican community has gone mainstream when it is sponsoring stuff on English-speaking radio, not to mention pays for a huge ad inside Reliant Stadium. May I also add, that you know it has gone mainstream when an American friend of mine, who hails from the heartland, decides to try out my favorite thing on the menu (below) and totally digs it.

By the way, these are no ordinary tacos, they’re (wait for it) beef tongue tacos.