Match Made in Heaven: Ken Starr and BU

Chris Crocker would have risen to great heights back in the late 90s. You might recall Crocker is the dude who made that infamous “Leave Britney Alone!” video.

I personally believe that (thanks Caitlin Upton!) Crocker would have made a similar vid about then President Bill Clinton back in the late 90s.

Who could forget Bubba’s unenviable position, lurid details of his trysts with Monica Lewinsky out there for the world to feast on.

I refuse to believe Slick Willie was any sort of victim, especially given the hell he put Hillary through. ¬†Though if you ask Chris Rock, the whole Lewinsky thing was her fault, she didn’t “save her man from himself”, but I digress.

Ken Starr, the man who doggedly pursued Pres. Clinton like Jason went after the Golden Fleece, is now the President of Baylor University [insert jokes here].

Don’t know how his tenure is going to go, only time will tell, but one thing I do know: The school’s unofficial motto, “Sic ’em Bears” fits Starr to a tee.

This is how some people saw Ken Starr during the late 90s.