Guys with “Funny” Names Shine during Baseball Playoffs

Cabrera, Gagne (Greg not Eric), Garko, Hrbek, Leius, Lemke,  Leyritz, Orozco, Pagliarulo, Pierzynski, Podsednik, Rijo, Sojo, Vizcaino.  What do these last names have in common?

They belong to guys who for some reason or another pick the playoffs to shine brightest.

I know this list dates me for I don’t remember very little of postseasons prior to the 1984 Series between the Tigers and Padres.  You might notice that the above names represent an even later cross section (late 80s to mid 90s) of postseason lore.

Who can forget Kent Hrbek’s submission hold on Ron Gant in Game 2 of the ’91 Series?  And unknown Scott Leius’ shot off Cy Young winner Tom Glavine in that same game?

Or even Pierzynski’s pesky and alltogether annoying in-game awareness in the 2005 postseason?

What of Scott Podsednik’s (0 HR during the season) game-winning blast off Houston’s Brad Lidge in the 2005 Series?

What about the original “funny name” guy, Bill Mazeroski?  He seemed to have started the trend of “funny name” guys who shine in the postseason.

Does the rarity of a surname grant these guys postseason prowess?

Who knows but just take a look at A-Rod whose last name is embarrassingly common yet he seems to flame out during the playoffs, coincidence or psychic phenomenon?

Anyone else notice this trend?