The Gospel According to Pink

No, not her:


That’s Arthur Walkington Pink and his book, “The Sovereignty of God” has been burning up my lunch hour.

Here are his words on the Gospel:

Concerning the character and contents of the Gospel, the utmost confusion prevails today. The Gospel is not an offer to be tossed around by evangelical peddlers.

The Gospel is no mere invitation, but a proclamation–a proclamation concerning Christ; true whether men believe it or not. No man is asked to believe that Christ died for him in particular.

The Gospel, in brief, is this: Christ died for sinners, you are a sinner, believe in Christ and you shall be saved.

Admittedly, Pink’s words have to do more with what the Gospel isn’t and his brief definition does not (cannot) surpass the Apostle’s divinely inspired definition, read it here.

Why Don’t Doves Cry?

Because they can’t.

And so begins Part 2 of the “Pictures of Birds Perched on Our Fence” series.


The above picture came to my mind after reading a passage from A.W. Pink’s breathtaking treatise, The Sovereignty of God.

Pink quotes J. Denham Smith in the chapter titled, “God’s Sovereignty and the Human Will” (emphasis mine),

Man is impotent as to his will. He has no will favorable to God. I believe in free will; but then it is a will only free to act according to nature.

A dove has no will to eat carrion; a raven no will to eat the clean food of the dove. Put the nature of the dove into the raven and it will eat the food of the dove. Satan could have no will for holiness. We speak it with reverence; God could have no will for evil.

The sinner in his sinful nature could never have a will according to God. For this he must be born again.”

Couldn’t Stand the Weather

I recently began reading A.W. Pink’s “The Sovereignty of God”. Given the title, it is not an intellectual exercise to determine the book’s subject.

As is my custom during my commute (no worries, I ride a bus) I read, and on this particular dreary morning I cracked open Mr. Pink’s classic treatise.

In the chapter titled “Sovereignty of God in Administration”, he wrote the following,

Truly, then, God governs inanimate matter. Earth and air, fire and water, hail and snow, stormy winds and angry seas, all perform the word of His power and fulfill His Sovereign pleasure. Therefore, when we complain about the weather we are, in reality, murmuring against God. (emphasis mine)

For some odd reason, Stevie Ray Vaughn’s (below), “Couldn’t Stand the Weather”, came to mind when I read that.


For not so odd reasons, I thought of all the times I’ve groused about the weather. “It’s too sunny…it’s too wet…it’s too cold… it’s too hot… it’s too humid…”


Realizing that A.W. Pink is absolutely right, I was embarrassed and humbled.

Having gleaned many nuggets from this book this morning, I reflected on what I had read as we made our way closer to our destination.

So what happens when we pull into the first stop? Mini-Deluge. No umbrella. Won’t dry off until lunchtime, at least.

A.W. Pink’s warning was immediately forgotten and the internal grousing began anew. The Lord’s frustrated words to His apostles resonated inside my thick skull,

Do you not yet understand?

More embarrassment, More humiliation. confession.

I’m not sure what SRV had in mind when he wrote, “Couldn’t Stand the Weather”, but I found the following lyrics fitting if by “daddy” we mean Abba:

Runnin through this business of life
Rarely time if Im needed to
Aint so funny when things aint feelin right
Then daddys hand helps to see me through
Sweet as sugar, love wont wash away
Rain or shine, its always here to stay