Dana Perino Zinger Brings Back Memories

My high school geometry teacher was a tough, intimidating lady. If memory serves me correct, she might have had a PhD, so combining the knowledge that such a degree confers and her icy stare not to mention the woman’s grand old dame-like demeanor, the description is apt.

She had no tolerance for tomfoolery especially when one of her prized students decided to use a discarded cupcake holder as a yarmulka. It was said that the dear woman “smoked” people when one of us got out of line with an illogical (proofs anyone?) line of questioning.

After such a thing occurred, some in the class would start sniffing the air as if something were burning, presumably it was the illogical student’s hide.

Though reticent to get too much into politics here at Lastrow, the following story reminded me of my geometry teacher,
“Obama Takes Issue With Bush Foreign Policy Speech”

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