Andy Pettitte: Another Christian Hypocrite

As a member of the Christian Hypocrite Hall of Fame (you see I became a member the very same day I was baptized), I want to extend my congratulations to Andy Pettitte for living a hypocrisy-free life until the age of 35.

I am convinced that the folks who pay no mind to “religion” because of the hypocrisy of “religious people” merely throw such sop to salve their unbelief, and thus aiding in the unrighteous suppression of the truth evident to us all.

I’ve heard these types of folks before vehemently decry disgraced ministers, it’s somewhat more striking to hear such unrighteous indignation in Spanish (“Haber, pos no que no muy Cristiano?”).

Andy Pettitte (a devout Christian) was cited in the Mitchell Report as having used human growth hormone and recently owned up to using the banned substance (though at the time he used it hadn’t been banned yet by MLB). HGH is illegal unless prescribed by a doctor.

Should he have used it? Of course not, for it gave him an unfair advantage in his recovery from injury. Whatever spiritual retribution Mr. Pettitte may or may not deserve I believe, is God’s business and not ours, He is after all the Only One capable of judging.

As for legal consequences, can we not trust the earthly authorities?

The backlash against Pettitte started shortly after the report came out, for examples click here and here.

Strangely enough such reactions are the strongest when a Christian gives in to some temptation, imagine that. It must be because Christians are the only ones who are guilty of hypocrisy on a daily basis.

Of course, these arbiters of public justice conveniently forget the fact that the sin they take Pettitte to task for (hypocrisy) they also commit, but you see it’s OK in their case because they’re not Christians or perhaps don’t believe in sin.

Hypocrisy indeed…