H.R. 4872

Based on some reactions to the passage of the bill whose name crowns this post, the world is coming to an end or the bill is the beginning of the end. To others, it is a vindication of the hope placed on Barack Obama.

It pains me to admit it, but some of my fellow Christians reacted with threats (hypothetical ones) of violence towards some members of the Democratic congressional leadership. How this reflects what we profess to believe, accept and live by or the God who died for us, I haven’t the faintest idea.

Personally, I don’t know what’s in the bill (does anyone?) or whether or not it will help the people of this country or not. Since I don’t take my talking points from Fox News or MSNBC, I haven’t formed an opinion on it, or rather haven’t let others form my opinion of it.

Here’s one opinion on it, and since it comes from the “How Stuff Works” people, it must be credible, right?

What I do know or what is somewhat clear, is that this legislation is more about politics than anything else. Politics has been called the art of compromise but I rather think of it as one of the best illustrations of human depravity.


Because politicians aren’t motivated by the true, the good and the beautiful, though they pay plenty of lip service in that direction. Rather their motivation seems to be re-election, which ultimately only serves their ego. Most offensive of all, what they do is referred to as “public service”.

Having said all this, what dog does Stones’ guitarist Ronnie Wood (right) have in this fight?

8 Responses to H.R. 4872

  1. Sterling Minor says:

    The commentator you quote says: “this legislation is more about politics than anything else.” If not that, then what? Sure, lawyers are on non-profit boards, but what they do is the stuff of lawyers; doctors give money to their children, their places of worship and other charities, but what they do is the stuff of doctors; you should not expect a mason to fabricate steel, or a counselor to paint.

    • Laz says:

      The commentator would be me and I meant to convey that I don’t trust the motives of our political leadership or any politician.

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  3. susanita says:

    that picture is crazy!

  4. susanita says:

    btw, jaime escalante has totally let me down! I’m Chevonne all the way!

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