Thanks for the Memories Colt

For expert analysis of last night’s game go to the following:

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Texas 21, Alabama 37

Country music act, Little Texas, had a hit song back in the early 90s titled “What Might Have Been”. Here’s the video in all of its mulleted glory, view at your own risk.

One could say that the song’s title in large part, defines Colt McCoy’s (below, photo credit:  Ralph Barrera, Austin American-Statesman) illustrious career at The University of Texas.

Let’s hop on the DeLorean and travel back to November 11, 2006. Texas, fresh off a national title, is 9-1 and in the driver’s seat of the Big XII South despite starting a redshirt freshman at QB, Colt McCoy. Their only loss came at the hands of #1 Ohio State. They’re in Manhattan, Kansas to take on a mediocre K-State team.

First drive of the game, Texas moves the ball down the field gets close to the goal line. On a 4th and 1, a QB sneak is called, Colt runs it in for the score but suffers a neck stinger knocking him out of the game. In comes true freshman Jevan Snead who performs as well as one can expect.

Colt’s injury more than likely cost the Horns a Big XII title (they lost to KSU then to A&M, opening the way for OU to take the Big XII South) and possibly a shot at a rematch against Ohio State in the National Title Game. Horns end up in the Alamo Bowl, beat Iowa and hope springs eternal for 2007.

2007 – Inconsistency from Colt, quite possibly due to the injury he suffered in Manhattan. Horns still end up going to the Holiday Bowl and mudhole Arizona State.

2008 – We go to Lubbock, #1 Texas v. #6 Texas Tech. Colt plays like garbage for most of the game, yet leads the Horns on a seemingly game-winning drive in Lubbock with under 2 minutes to play. Tech wins in an improbable manner with :01 left on the clock, eventually keeping Texas out of the Big XII title game and the National Title matchup against Florida. UT has to “settle” for the Fiesta Bowl, where Colt leads the Horns over Ohio State.

2009 – With the help of Pedialyte, Horns go 13-0 get to the National Title Game and Colt, on the 3rd offensive play, is hit, suffers a pinched nerve and doesn’t return. True Freshman Garrett Gilbert plays the rest of the game, plays valiantly but Texas succumbs to the Crimson Tide.

The last 4 years have been good ones for Longhorn Nation, thanks to Colt McCoy. However, his “legacy” will be unfairly defined by an ethos which us Mexicans are very familiar with, Ya merito. (loose translation: almost there)

As bitter and unfair as last night’s proceedings might have been for all my fellow Longhorn alumni and fans, let’s look at the flip side of the coin.

Back in the DeLorean, where we punch 2004 into the dial. Texas has gotten a verbal commitment from 2 quarterbacks: Ryan Perrilloux and Colt McCoy.

Perrilloux is a stud in the mold of the then current Texas QB, Vince Young, big arm and crazy quicks. McCoy is a scrawny kid who resembles a Furby more than a star college football QB. Perrilloux was seen as the heir apparent to an otherworldly VY.

Perrilloux, in his infinite wisdom, changes his mind and chooses LSU. Longhorn Nation is left asking ‘why’? Perrilloux goes on to earn his dismissal from LSU after some legal troubles.

2006 goes into the dial… VY and the Horns wins the National Title, Texas goes into Spring practice with the QB position open. Unheralded redshirt freshman Colt McCoy and super heralded true freshman Jevan Snead will compete for the starting job. McCoy beats out Snead, Snead ends up transferring to Ole Miss. What might have been…

Yes, Texas might have beaten ‘Bama had Colt not gone out, but Texas might have never gotten the chance to enjoy 4 years of excellence on and off the field from the kid from Tuscola.

Thanks Colt for giving all the credit to God in victory and refusing to doubt Him in bad circumstances. Right after the game ended, ABC’s sideline reporter, Lisa Salters asked him how it was like to watch his last collegiate game from the sideline (Click here for vid).

I know she has to ask such a mind-numbingly stupid question, but Colt handled it with the grace and humility that is absent in the vast majority of people (Christian or not). Visibly holding back tears, He congratulates the triumphant Alabama Crimson Tide and then his beleaguered understudy, Garret Gilbert, who came into an impossible situation.

Then, like Kurt Warner after last year’s crushing Super Bowl loss, Colt credits God in defeat like he has done so in victory,

I always give God the glory. I never question why things happen the way they do. God is in control of my life and I know, if nothing else, I’m standing on the Rock.

Thanks Colt for all the memories and for representing your University well, but most importantly for representing the Savior well.

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