Carl Pelini Gets “Jiggy Wit It” in Oslo

For those of you who don’t know who Carl Pelini is, he is the defensive coordinator and defensive line coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. His younger brother, Bo, is the head coach. Yes, this is the dynamic duo who nearly unraveled my Longhorns drive to the national title game with their brilliant defensive game plan and a boy named Suh.

Shortly after the dramatic conclusion of the Big XII championship game, Bo and Carl stormed off the field in disgust over what they perceived was a hose job from the powers-that-be. Click here and here for excellent analysis.

According to this article, the strongest words came from Carl who allegedly said, “You should be ashamed to accept that trophy!” in the direction of the exultant Texas Longhorns who were accepting the Big XII Championship trophy at midfield.

Yesterday, President Barack Obama was in Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize. Many feel that POTUS hasn’t done anything to deserve such high praise, and apparently the Pelini brothers reside in this demographic and made the roadie to Scandinavia to express themselves:

I wonder what the Fresh Prince thought of the Pelinis’ act…

One Response to Carl Pelini Gets “Jiggy Wit It” in Oslo

  1. I received an award 18 days into my job, too. That award was the prestigious “don’t order pencils without permission again” award.

    I like how everyone is up in arms about the Nobel thing. It’s 5 norse guys in vikings hats. I don’t really care what they think as long as they keep pumping out good furniture at an affordable price. Ikea, chocolate, and double-bladed axes. I don’t care about Nobel. He invented dynamite – it’s not like it’s the Ghandi award. It’s the award named after the inventor of blowing stuff up.

    Simmah down, world.

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