Let the Church Bells Ring

From Christian Lander, a prophet for our troubled times,

An interesting fact about white people is that they firmly believe that all of the world’s problems can be solved through “awareness.” Meaning the process of making other people aware of problems, and then magically someone else like the government will fix it.

As a call to action on global warming, churches throughout our fair planet will ring their bells on December 13, which just happens to be the date of the Copenhagen climate change summit.

“Church bells to ring out warning on climate change”

What’s next a synod against the sun for its role in global warmingt?

What all this hand-wringing bell-ringing is going to actually accomplish, I can’t really surmise. Perhaps the World Council of Churches was influenced by Christopher Walken’s Bruce Dickinson on SNL (below),

More Cowbell

“Guess what? The planet has a fevah, and the only prescription is more church bell”

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