Nancy Bearigan Does What Comes Naturally

Apparently it is common in Russia to teach bears how to ice skate and play ice hockey for the spectacle of it all.


In one particular case, this had fatal consequences for one trainer:

Ice-skating circus bear ‘tears trainer to pieces’ in front of horrified children

When I hear of tragic events such as this one, Chris Rock’s words in response to allegations of Montecore’s (the tiger that nearly killed Roy Horn) insanity come to mind:

That tiger ain’t go crazy; that tiger went tiger! You know when he was really crazy? When he was riding around on a unicycle with a Hitler helmet on!

The same could be applied to the bear that killed its handler. The bear didn’t go nuts, he was nuts when he was pulling off triple toe loops up and down the rink.

Gotta feel bad for the trainer’s family and friends, and the parents of the poor kids, who witnessed the mauling, will be forking over some serious soms to pay for a lifetime of therapy bills.

I still don’t see why the bear had to be put down, he’s only doing what bears do, no?

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