Thoughts on the Red River Shootout

Let me preface this post by referring the gentle reader to 2 truly magnificent summaries of the events that transpired last Saturday afternoon in Dallas:

“2009 Oklahoma Sooners Post-Mortem”

“The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly – Texas 16, Oklahoma 13”

Go check them out, but here are the thoughts of a random UT alum/fan watching the game from the comfort of his home in Houston:

  • Due to a Saturday morning family tradition (grocery shopping), I missed most of the first half.  No worries I taped the game and after watching the first half, I’m kind of glad I didn’t watch it live because I  easily avoided shaving 2 to 3 years off of my life.
  • I know that Texas’ offensive coordinator Greg Davis’ play-calling is well, offensive but seriously speaking is it not obvious that his spontaneous flashes of “brilliance” (running the Wildhorn after repeatedly punching the OU D in the mouth) have the great potential to cost his team a shot at the National title?
  • Before the season is out, will we see Will Muschamp go Buddy Ryan on the strangely Kevin Gilbride-like Greg Davis?
  • Stay classy OU player.  Defensive lineman Jeremy Beal’s bush league attempts to hurt Colt McCoy at the end of the game seem to be what a Bob Stoops-led team is about.
  • Speaking of Stoops, here is a sobering thought:  Bob Stoops has 6 conference titles, Mack Brown only has one.  Hopefully Mack adds to his grand total this season.
  • Earl Thomas, consider yourself “absolved” of what happened last year in Lubbock.  Led the Horns in tackles, 2 tackles for a loss, 1 forced fumble, and if not for a meddling teammate, should have scored recovering the fumble he forced.   How clutch is Texas’ safety Earl Thomas?  Like the guy occupying the bottom half of this pic, he leaves it all on the field [Thomas’ photo credit: Rodolfo Gonzalez/AMERICAN-STATESMAN]Fire

  • No this is not Roy Williams making the acrobatic grabs he was known for at the 40 acres, this is another #4-wearing Williams intercepting a ball which OU QB Landry Jones was throwing out-of-bounds.Aaron Williams
    and oh yeah, Mr. Williams knocked OU’s starting QB, Sam Bradford, out of the game early on.
  • Speaking of Bradford, I honestly felt and feel bad for the guy.  He probably should have left for the NFL after last season.  Though, he is a Sooner, I can’t get behind displays such as this (photo credit: Billy Smith II/Houston Chronicle):Bradford effigy
  • Don’t know what is wrong with Colt McCoy but he arguably made the most important play of the whole game, getting in the way of the man who had just picked him off and was en route to rivalry glory (photo credit: Ricardo B. Brazziell/AMERICAN-STATESMAN),
    RBB UT OU 38
  • Up next for the ‘Horns, the Missouri Tigers. Here’s hoping that the offense finds a way to justify UT’s #3 ranking.

    Last but certainly not least, here’s to another season of this:




2 Responses to Thoughts on the Red River Shootout

  1. soonerborn1958 says:

    I was amazed at the fans when the highly touted Aaron Williams took out Sammy. Not only did the players cheer, but the fans cheered highly, as well. Wow what class!!! I was there, so I can say that! But the NC proved Poetic Justice…I would never wish harm on anyone, but somehow what goes around comes around! Hope Colt is doing well, seems our injured QB is going in the first round top pick!! BOOMER SOONER GO O U!!!

    • Laz says:

      I’m with you. There is no excuse for reveling in the injury of an opposing player, even if he is a Sooner/Longhorn. I also believe Colt’s injury had nothing to do with Bradford’s. We’ll see how the draft goes, I hope both of these outstanding young men have great NFL careers. Thanks for your comment.

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