Westlake Hills… That’s Where I Want to Be

Back in college in the A-TX, I used to hold a job in which I interacted with one of the most puzzling creatures that inhabit the urban jungle: rich kid who panhandles.

That’s right, there were kids (maybe still are) who came down from the lofty spires of their parents’ Westlake Hills homes to walk the mean streets surrounding the University of Texas. How did I know they were from Westlake Hills? Well because they’d try to use their Westlake High IDs to buy cigarettes.

But the best part is that they’d ask people for change so they could purchase said cigarettes. It would not surprise me one bit if most of these kids fit this brilliant post by Mr. Landers’ to a T.

Is there anything better than a group of people who rail against a system/authority figures which put clothes on their backs and/or support their nascent drug habit? Well, maybe Woody Allen signing a petition supporting Roman Polanski, but I digress.

I was reminded of these chiflados after reading the following story this morning, Six Charged With Mob Activity and the seeing the mugshots accompanying it.


With the notable exception of Randy Jackson’s little brother (middle, bottom row), these 6 luminaries reminded me of my pals from Westlake Hills.

Of course, none of the Westlake kids did anything like what these 6 were picked up for, mainly dragging an Olympic banner and scuffling with the Poe-leez.

I’m not a betting man but I’d wager that after a brief council of war these 6 couldn’t name 3 Olympic Sports, and were just looking for an excuse to vent their pampered angst.


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