Papa Smurf

Growing up we watched the Smurfs (Los Pitufos) and I suppose, liked them for what they were to us: a cartoon.

Diminutive blue-skinned beings who lived in mushrooms and sang a catchy tune, yes I definitely see the appeal now. The Smurf universe also made its way into our everyday lives.

For example, there was a planned community whose houses were about the size of something you’d buy at Tuff Shed(below).

Tuff Shed
♫La la la la la laaaaaa, la la la la laaaaaa♫

Well due to these houses’ size we glossed them Las Casas de los Pitufos (Smurf Houses).

Come to find out years later that allegedly the whole thing was nothing more than neo-Nazi propaganda. Whatever.

All this being said, allow me to introduce the the only human being who can literally say “I can ____________ ’til I’m blue in the face” because his face is well, blue.

Papa Smurf

Here’s the story behind Papa Smurf:

Man turns BLUE after he self-medicates for a skin condition

4 Responses to Papa Smurf

  1. Geordae says:

    I feel bad for the guy, kinda scary to think how harmful side effects with medicine can really be.

  2. Mike says:

    he makes MJ look normal … sort of ..

  3. I am from México, why did you say :
    LOS PITUFOS AND Las Casas de los Pitufos?

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