México-Panama: A Study in Scarlet

Red Card

A Gold Cup match between the national fútbol teams of México and Panama was scheduled last night in the fair city of Houston.

What ended up transpiring was a brawl. A brawl to the tune of 4 red cards being doled out by the ref. One of these red cards was ‘earned’ by Mexican head coach, Javier “El Vasco” Aguirre. His antics deserve a post unto themselves and here’s an excellent one:

Javier Aguirre channels his inner Woody Hayes

If Aguirre coached Team USA he’d be fired already for his act (see Woody Hayes and Ohio State), let’s see how the FMF (México fútbol’s governing body) responds. He supposedly didn’t mean to kick Panamanian player, Richardo Phillips. Here’s a story on Aguirre’s apology, if it can be called that.

Phillips, upset that the opposing coach kicked him, retaliated by pushing Aguirre and was also tossed as a result. Phillips didn’t want to leave the field because he was afraid of getting pelted by the mostly Mexican crowd. His fears were well-founded since he left the field under a cascade of beer, water and who knows what else. Stay classy, paisanos.

The cage match ended in a 1-1 tie, which is a result which Panama is more than happy to walk away with, at least according to budding Mexican star, Giovanni Dos Santos who alleges that “Panama only came here to provoke us.”

Look, I like Gio, he seems like a nice kid who has all the talent in the world. However, at some point the excuses have to stop. Truth is, El Tri hasn’t looked good since the 2007 Copa America. Maybe because of the parade of coaches or because the players don’t have as much quality as we’re accustomed to seeing from México.

Not only is my native land not showing good fútbol form, they are quickly solidifying their reputation as a dirty team. To this fan, this is actually more than a concern than the technical deficiencies of the squad.

One Response to México-Panama: A Study in Scarlet

  1. bobbygee says:

    I was flipping back and forth between the Copa Suda Americana and the Mexico-Panama match. In was hoping Mexico would do better. Check out my blog
    Bobby Gee

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