Abstinence is Not “Realistic”

Or so says Bristol Palin, daughter of Alaska Governon Sarah Palin, insofar as teenagers are concerned. As we all know, thanks to an inordinate amount of salacious and even sneering reporting, Bristol (below with her little one) is a teen mom.


I’m not here to criticize Ms. Palin’s views. In large part because she’s half-right.

Given the pressures today’s teenagers face (though let’s not pretend that teenagers of yesteryear didn’t face similar pressures), Ms. Palin has a point.

Of course, peer pressure doesn’t justify behavior one way or the other but that’s a side note.

She’s right in regards to the unregenerate, those who lead their lives without God, or merely pay Him lip service. Speaking as one who’s lived most of his life without God’s special grace, I can attest to this.

To those outside of God’s special grace, what incentive is there to abstain from, as CS Lewis put it, “the monstrosity of sex outside of marriage”?

Though I would argue that peer pressure is not quite the motivator that our own fallen, natural urges are.

As for those who are regenerate, that is awakened from spiritual death by the Holy Spirit, not only is abstinence realistic, it is expected.

You can ask former Laker great, A.C. Green who had a 16-year NBA career and remained a virgin throughout. Given the cadre of attractive young women who seek to jump in the sack with NBA players, I can’t say it was easy for Green (insert joke here).

However, because he relied on the power of the Holy Spirit to lead him through temptations that most of us will never know, A.C. obeyed Our Lord and showed that for God’s children, abstinence is realistic.

His teammates even sent women to Green’s hotel room to try to “break” him. So even under the most trying of circumstances, it is realistic to abstain from sex outside of its intended place, marriage.

Here is a piece that Sports Illustrated did on A.C. Green.

For the record, I think Green’s (below, left) abstinence throughout his average NBA career is more impressive than all of Michael Jordan’s (right) well-documented on-court achievements.


This almost looks fark’d

3 Responses to Abstinence is Not “Realistic”

  1. Job says:

    Well, we cannot resist sin on our own power. That is why we need a Savior and the indwelling Holy Spirit. Also, virginity without Jesus Christ is to none effect anyway, as the result will be virgins in the lake of fire for eternity. We need to first tell our young people that they need Jesus Christ. Then they need to be instructed on how to behave.

  2. k says:

    so…question: non-christian marriages aren’t valid under the christian god so does this mean that all non-christian husbands and wives are fornicators?

  3. Lista says:

    Thanks for helping me keep things in perspective, Lastrow. I know that we at times need to separate our Political Views from our Spiritual ones, but I so often forget to do so to the extent that I should. Since I became a Christian as a child at age 7, I often forget that certainly the most key reason why I succeeded at walking down the isle on my wedding day, at age 27, still a Virgin, is because I was a Christian.

    The problem is that when ever Society decides to accept something, it becomes more prevalent than before, just as I did a Post once on “Abstinence and STD Statistics“, in which I stated some statistics on how Abstinence Attitudes have changed over the years and the affect this has had on rates of both Virginity and STDs.

    Thanks for reminding me, though, that Abstinence is only realistic when we have the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

    God gave me a picture once relating not only to this, but to Adultery as well, for temptations can be quite strong in this department when we are angry at our spouses. The picture was relating to one of the scenes in the movie “Poltergeist”. There is a scene in that movie of a “Poltergeist”/Ghost trying to suck two children into a hole in the wall. The only thing that was preventing them from being sucked into the wall was their grip on the Bed Posts at the end of the bed.

    Well, the way I saw this once was that temptation can at times feel like we are being pulled into a big hole by some powerful force (Satan) and the only thing that is preventing us from giving in is our hold on the Bed Post (Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit). The Bed Post (Jesus), however, is really strong and as long as we continue to hold onto it/Him, no matter how strong the pull, we simply can not be pulled into the wall. It is only when we let go of the Bed Post (Jesus/God/HS), that we will be over come by the pull of the Temptation.

    God gave me that picture once. Woo! Isn’t that cool!!

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