Texas Ex Pat Hingle Passes Away

I broke my thumb during my 7th grade year. My mom took me to the closest hospital and while waiting for the doctor, I was tended to by a nurse.

The nurse was wearing chili pepper scrubs (don’t know why I remember that) and was asking me what grade I was in, and other questions of that sort.

Since Tim Burton’s Batman had just come out, she asked me if I had watched it yet. Told her that I not only had watched it but had loved it. She then proceeded to inform me that the guy who played commissioner Gordon, Pat Hingle, (below) commissioner-gordonwas in the next room being treated for something that the sands of time have erased from my memory.

She said Mr. Hingle was filming something in Sealy, and that if I was that big of a fan I could go over and say hello while I waited.

So I did and Mr. Hingle was about as accommodating as he could be. An actor with such a lengthy resume as his was probably mildly amused that this kid only knew him from playing Commissioner Gordon, but he was cool with it.

So yes, I requested an autograph from a man in a hospital gown, and the good commish didn’t disappoint. Sadly, I do not know where said autograph is.

Mr. Hingle, who graduated from my alma mater, THE University of Texas  recently passed away.

One Response to Texas Ex Pat Hingle Passes Away

  1. That’s cool getting to meet him! I’m glad he was nice to you.
    What a resume Pat Hingle had! I think he had a part in just about every crime drama from the 60s to the 90s. I most vividly remember two roles, both opposite Clint Eastwood. He was the judge in Hang Em High, and he played Eastwood’s partner and friend in The Gauntlet.
    Talk about a diverse and resilient career.

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