Texas Longhorns Got Hosed

Not by the voters or some of ENIAC’s descendants who comprise the BCS, but by their own conference, the Big XII.

How does the conference allow a tiebreaker to fall solely on the BCS with nary an objective thought to the FACT that my Horns beat Oklahoma by 10 points on a neutral field?!?

What really chaps the ol’ hide is that the Longhorns will be at home next Saturday watching the conference title game between North champ Missouri and South “champ” Oklahoma.

Two teams who, oh by the way, the Horns beat this season by a combined score of 101-67.

Un-freakin’-believable, what a conference!

In the words of the Sage of Stillwater (below on the right),


Oklahoma St Oklahoma Football

AP Photo/Brody Schmidt

“You’re right Mike, that is a mother… of children”

5 Responses to Texas Longhorns Got Hosed

  1. mojodenbow says:

    We all knew that 2 teams were going to get hosed. As happy as I am about OU going on to play Missouri, the situation should have been avoidable. We love college football for all of it’s quirks but why do we have to justify the BCS?

    CF is the only civilized sport in the world that does not have a playoff system. Repurpose the bowl games to be playoffs. No one wants to see a 6-6 State U play a 6-6 College U except those 2 schools.

    Hook em

  2. Laz says:

    The blame falls on the Big XII tiebreaker. The SEC and the ACC have a tiebreaker that lends more weight to head-to-head.

    Granted Tech did beat Texas, but for whatever reason the punditry and the rest of the establishment have already taken them out of the equation.

    Honestly, OU does have more talent than UT does but that doesn’t take the sting out of it by any stretch of the imagination.

    Thanks for the “Hook em” but for the next week it’s going to be “Go Mizzou!”.

  3. jasonk says:

    Nobody got hosed. Everyone–coaches, players, media, fans, EVERYONE knew the rules when the season started. They all agreed to it, but when it comes down to actually happening, everyone wants to cry foul.

    Yes, Texas beat Oklahoma. So, let Texas play. But wait! Tech beat Texas head to head. Yeah, so let’s let Tech play. BUT WAIT! OU WALLOPED Tech head to head! What now?!

    The Big 12 tiebreaker isn’t perfect, but it works. It works because it leaves nobody out. If you want in, schedule some decent teams (OU had a stronger strength of schedule than Texas), and beat them good. Also, lose early in the season. The Big 12 tiedbreaker is also good because it takes emotion out of the equation. The computers don’t have a favorite. They go on the data alone.

    I know it stings, and I hate that any good team is left out. But the rules were clearly spelled out before the season began. If the Longhorns wanted to play in the championship game, they shouldn’t have lost to Texas Tech.

    The only real way to solve this is to have a playoff.

  4. Laz says:

    The Big 12 tiebreaker sucks, at least when it gets to the point that people around the nation get to decide (not wholly but partially and that’s enough) who goes to the conference champion.

    I’ll grant you that all the Horns had to do was beat Tech in Lubbock (and they almost did), but then again all OU had to do was beat Texas. All Tech had to do was beat OU and round and round we go.

    Data alone? You mean like head-to-head? Settle it on the field? Like a playoff would do?

  5. jasonk says:

    Yeah, man, a playoff is the only real solution. So its settled then, right? A playoff next year. Any objections?

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