Brent Musburger is not a fan of Beyoncé

ABC is set to air the 2008 American Music Awards tomorrow and has been incessantly running promos.

Even during Saturday Night Football, the guys in the booth have to read copy promoting this thing.

Enter 69-year-old Brent Musburger (below doing a heck of a Frankie Carbone impersonation minus the man-perm).


As he is beginning to tell us about the AMAs, I tell my wife “He probably doesn’t even know who the perfomers are.”

True to form Musburger tells us that one of the performers is “Beyonz”.  Of course, the rest of the world knows “Beyonz” as Houston’s own, Beyoncé Knowles (below):

Not only did my wife, myself and millions of other viewers have a good laugh, Musburger’s broadcast partner, Kirk Herbstreit, also had a good laugh but composed himself enough to correct his elder on the correct pronunciation of Beyoncé’s name.

Though Herbie was still too much in the bag not to admit before a national TV audience that he had caught Beyoncé’s act in last week’s Saturday Night Live.

I’m sure the ABC brass will forgive the golden one for dabbling in NBC programming.

As for Musburger, we all know that he’s a big fan of the Big 10 and any team that plays my Texas Longhorns but now we know that he’s not a big Beyoncé guy.

Though thanks to sideline reporter Lisa Salter’s racially awkward comment, we might have found out that Musburger digs Kenny Chesney.

Oh yeah OU thumped Tech, 65-21.

On to Stoolwater, where the fate of a conference will be decided…

8 Responses to Brent Musburger is not a fan of Beyoncé

  1. Kevin Parnella says:

    Brent Musburger is the greatest announcer ever! Beyonz could learn a thing from Brent, as can most of you!

    God bless you Brent. Call me!

  2. Laz says:

    Sorry Kevin but that honor (“greatest announcer ever”) goes to Bill Walton.

  3. Rhymeister says:

    You’re an ass face for that Stoolwater comment, Mr. TexasS!

  4. Laz says:

    Rhyme, that may be true, but those that know me know that I look nothing like the sort. My face is not nearly as long as that of an ass.

    Stoolwater, still funny and OU still sucks…

  5. LR says:

    Beyonce is really a wonderfull woman. I can understand Brent 🙂

  6. Jackie says:

    I caught that little gem of old man humor too. Although Stillwater is a craptastic town, Texas still sucks. The BCS finally got something right. Boomer Sooner! 🙂

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