Sarah Palin Turkey Interview

Well here is more fodder for the Palin haters:

If you watch the vid, take a close look at the guy axing the turkey. One thing is certain, now we know what at least one of Bill Swerski’s Superfans has been up to lately.

As for the rest of the story check it out,
Gaffe-prone Sarah Palin gives Thanksgiving interview while turkeys are slaughtered in the background

I like how MSNBC ran this story as “Breaking News”. As if none of these guys aren’t going to have turkey for Thanksgiving.

Before embarking on some odyssey of outrage at the fate of this particular turkey, one ought to pause and ponder just how the turkey one is going to consume next week will get the starring role in next week’s spread.

He won’t be cajoled into the slaughterhouse, that’s for sure…

3 Responses to Sarah Palin Turkey Interview

  1. Jennifer says:

    Next think you know; they’ll be saying she breathes in more than her allotted amount of air!

  2. pobept says:

    Some people are so ‘city-fied’ that the no longer have any concept of how food is grown, processed or arrives in their kitchen safe, clean, vacuum packed ready to cook!

  3. elle evers says:

    It does seem gross but the reality is, we are all eating a turkey for thanksgiving and thats how they’re processed… killed. But personally, I would have chosen more carefully where I was to be interviewed. I wouldn’t be interviewed in front of my great dane doing his poop as natural an event as it is.

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