Tolerance Strikes Again

This time in Delta Township, Michigan:

Gay rights protesters disrupt Sunday service

I wonder if the protesters were throwing these around:

“Hi! I’m a Zero Tolerance Wheel”

4 Responses to Tolerance Strikes Again

  1. kris says:

    intolerance is rampant on the left…on all issues. the right may disagree with you, but most would not bash your face in over it or disrupt a church service or legislate (the fairness doctrine) a way to get your voice unplugged.

    indoctrination…another great reason for teaching your kids at home.


  2. Job says:

    Amazing that the mainstream media is ignoring this story.

  3. Laz says:

    Amazing? You betcha.

    Surprising? Not in the least bit…

  4. elle evers says:

    In NJ, neigbors burned a cross on a lawn of a family who voted for Obama. Black churches were burned down in the south, adults stood outside of the first segregated school screaming at black children who were entering the school, there are people in the KKK and not in the KKK, like 7 and 9 year olds on school buses calling for the assasination of Obama. Violence comes from violent individuals who we classify as being in a particular group. How many gay people do you think there are who are not acting out in a violent manner. It’s the individual who is violent. AFter 9/11, some people beat up Hindus not knowing they were’t Muslim. Ignorance and violence and intolerance by anyone is wrong and will keep this world ugly.

    “Wrong”, now there is a loaded word. The trifecta (ignorance, violence, intolerance) you listed are mere symptoms of a far deeper and almost infinitely larger problem, the human inability not to sin.

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