Texas Tech 39, Texas 33… Let the Blame Game Begin

Well, not here, not on this blog. Yes, your #1 Texas Longhorns were knocked off their precarious perch tonight by the feisty Texas Tech Red Raiders, but all is not lost.

Yes, I suppose it possible to place blame at the feet of UT’s coaching staff, offensive (and they were that) line, and of course true freshman safety Blake Gideon (below) who dropped a game-clinching interception. Blake, Asante Samuel feels your pain…

Gideon has to feel terrible right now but I hope that Blake understands that everything happens for a reason. He’s going to be a great player at UT, and he needs to shake this off.

We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that no one in Longhorn Nation (or anywhere else) foresaw the heights to which the Texas Longhorns have climbed to this season.

For consolation, I recommend we all listen to the words of Coach Brown after the ‘Horns beat USC to win the 2005 National Championship:

Again, for expert analysis go to the folks over at Barking Carnival

4 Responses to Texas Tech 39, Texas 33… Let the Blame Game Begin

  1. katdish says:


    I want you to know that even though Ron was cheering for Tech (and completing ignoring his family in order to stare at the flat screen directly above his head while we ate dinner at Los Cucos last night), I am sad for you, Jeremy and all the other Texas fans out there. I went to bed before it was over (I could care less about football – college or otherwise) and was surprised this morning that the Longhorns got as close as they did. When does baseball season start anyway?

  2. Job says:

    As much as I like Colt McCoy, if you are going to run an option offense you need an option quarterback.

  3. Laz says:

    Jeremy roots for Texas A&M, thanks for the condolences.

    They’re not running much zone-read option this year, they learned their lesson last year. Actually, UT has been running a variant of a spread passing attack similar to Tech’s.

    Did you catch Saturday’s game?

  4. katdish says:

    Oh, A&M?

    I knew it was “Texas something”…

    Why would Jeremy root for the Aggies? You see, I just don’t get football…

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