Bud Selig’s Legacy in Pictures

We can add last night’s fracas to MLB commissioner Bud Selig’s inexorable legacy. Why MLB waited so long to suspend last night’s game is beyond comprehension, or is it?

With the Phils up 2-1, had the game been called after the 5th inning MLB rules automatically award the game to the Phils, game, set, World Series. Phils win their first title since 1980. Personally, I’m rooting for the small-market Rays but that’s beside the point.

Given the rash of black eyes the sport has received (steroids, etc.) it’s easy to understand that the league can’t afford to have its championship decided by the weather.

But isn’t it easier to understand that, despite the atrocious ratings of this Series, Bud wouldn’t mind another $hot at extending the Fall Classic beyond 5 game$?

Mr. Selig must have the opposite of whatever touch King Midas was endowed with. Even the “league-saving” Summer of ’98 turned out be a house whose slab was poured forth from syringes.

I’m not sure what legacy posterity will bestow upon Selig but I believe that up to this point, his legacy can be illustrated with the following shots:

4 Responses to Bud Selig’s Legacy in Pictures

  1. Luke says:

    HAHA! Truly, your picture progression says it all, Laz. I half expected Selig to call the Championship a tie last night.

    If they ever made a live-action Simpsons movie, wouldn’t Bud be perfect for Mr. Burns??

  2. Laz says:

    Yes, he would but who would play Smithers? Bob Costas?

    Certainly not Donald Fehr…

  3. Stop Smoking says:

    Not here to defend Selig, but did he really have a choice??

  4. Luke says:

    Costas is a good pick. Maybe Rainn WIlson? Tough..

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