When Sharing is a Must

The Ten Commandments are set in stone, so to speak. However I think that there is one more unspoken decree that seems to be inviolable, at least when you’re in a church service. Here’s a hint (of mint?):

So you’re sitting in service and come to the realization that you have dog breath. You remember you brought a pack of gum and decide to remedy this problem.

Then you remember that you are obligated by common decency to offer some to those around you. This cannot be avoided, it is an unwritten rule: Thou shall share your gum in church service.

Last Sunday, I sat there with my dog breath when I whiffed a hint of mint. As the idea for this post began to brew, a dear sister placed 2 sticks of gum on my notebook (I suppose the other one was for my wife).

Coincidence? Nay!

Remember folks sharing is caring.


3 Responses to When Sharing is a Must

  1. katdish says:

    Was the extra piece for your wife, or did your “dog breath” rise to the two-stick level? Perhaps your dear sister in Christ will chime in…curious minds want to know.

    My take on the gum commandment is a bit different: “Thou shalt not refuse gum when it is offered”. That’s like saying, “I like sharing my bad breath with those in my immediate vicinity…but thanks for asking.”

  2. Laz says:

    If we’re talking 2-stick level, we have departed from dog breath and landed at the shores of the dreaded dragon breath.

    I hope this was not the case and that the other piece was for Kim…

  3. Kim says:

    on a more elementary level, this is like sharing goldfish at a playground. if you bring a bag of fishies, your 2-year-old better be ready to share with his amigos! or else they’ll just take some without even asking 🙂

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