Jesus: Community Organizer


For those of you interested, you can but it here.

This shirt does make me wonder if the good folks behind it are as confused as Pilate was regarding who Jesus really IS.

(H/t: Townhall blog)

3 Responses to Jesus: Community Organizer

  1. Tari says:

    very politely said. well done.

  2. rezblaze says:

    Jesus is the messiah, he did not organize the community, he came to warn the world of God’s wrath. He spoke words about, hell and destruction; he said the world would hate you if you follow me. Read Matt 10:5-40 and tell me how Jesus was a community organizer, seems like he was a divider. He came so that we could have eternal life through Him. The Bible is clear, we are sinners, we are law breakers (10 commandments) God is holy and just and his justice must be served, God LOVES us and sent Jesus as payment for our sin, we must repent, and put our faith and trust in Jesus for our sin to be forgiven.. that is it.

  3. kris says:

    laz- read my post revolution through a community organizer

    the article i linked opened my eyes…Jesus was not a community organizer…in today’s definition anyway


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