Wanted: Bernard Pollard

I feel bad for All-World QB Tom Brady’s season coming to an end after a knee injury in Week 1:

Patriots’ Brady to undergo surgery, miss remainder of season

The fact that one man going on IR has league wide repercussions tells you just how important Brady is.

I also feel bad (if not worse) for the man who caused the injury, Kansas City safety Bernard Pollard. The hit was clean (at least the NFL thought so), so all this guy is guilty of is going all out on a blitz and getting blocked into Brady’s knee.

Now, poor Bernard has become public enemy #1 in New England.

3 Responses to Wanted: Bernard Pollard

  1. Mike says:

    Okay I am a New England fan so I have to admit to being bias here, but how can you feel bad for Bernard Pollard? You say he was “blocked” into Brady’s leg???? Are you crazy? Did you watch the play? He was blocked to the ground, then crawled to and leaped into Tom’s knee.

    This was a cheap shot at a QB’s knee was it a dirty hit? No, not in my mind, Mr Pollard said it was an accident and I will take him for his word do no not dirty. It was a cheap shot that should not have been taken however.

  2. Laz says:

    Mike, thanks for your comment.

    I feel bad for Pollard because it probably doesn’t feel too good to know that you just killed someone’s season.

    As for your take that he leaped into Tom’s knee, the man was trying to make a play. He didn’t quit on the play even though he had been seemingly blocked out of it.

    When you call the hit a “cheap shot” are you sure you’re not letting your bias have free rein?

  3. Mike says:

    First I must tell you I am a transplant living in Massachusetts and I am 49er fan. Listen up Pat fans. Lots of NFL stars have been injured in the past and have comeback!!!! I myself suffered a torn ACL and recovered in 6 months, and I am not and was not a world class athlete. So don’t worry Brady will be fine. Next year he will again be the biggest story and star in the NFL because he will again have an amazing season after coming back from his injury. Brady will have is revenge….

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