John Chrysostom Helps a Brother Out

This is a mosaic of Eastern church father John Chrysostom. It resides in the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

John Chrysostom lived from 347-407 and from the sixth century on he was glossed Chrysostom (Gk. Golden Mouth) for he was a master preacher. What’s more, St. John has kept up with the times and even has his own website.

In Knowing God, J.I. Packer says,

John Chrysostom had [Paul’s letter to the Romans] read aloud to him once a week; you and I could do a lot worse than that.

Yes I suppose Dr. Packer is right, we could do a lot worse than that. So this prompted me to mirror Chrysostom’s practice though I’m doing my own reading.

I’ve read Romans a few times, successively learning something new. I’m not sure where God will take me as I embark on this new journey through (IMHO) the best of Paul’s epistles.

Here’s the day-to-day breakdown (courtesy of NASB Study Bible):


Intro (1:1-15)
Righteousness from God (1:16-17)
Unrighteousness of All People (1:18-30)


Righteousness Imputed: Justification (3:21-5:21)


Righteousness Imparted: Sanctification (Chapters 6-8)


God’s Righteousness Vindicated: Justice of His Way with Israel (Chapters 9-11)


Righteousness Practiced (12:1-15:13)


Conclusion (15:14-33)


Commendation, Greetings, Doxology (Ch. 16)

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