What is the Church?

Christ Anglican Church, Stellarton, Nova Scotia

Quite possibly, there will be as many answers to this question as there are people. Click here for Webster’s definition.

Most importantly (not to mention accurately), God has said that the Church is the Bride of Christ.

While one could glean what this all entails from God’s communique to mankind, I believe Dr. Packer’s has done this rather well in his magnus opus, Knowing God):

What is the church? It is the true seed of Abraham, Jew and non-Jew together, chosen by God, justified through faith, and freed from sin for a new life of personal righteousness and mutual ministry.

It is the family of a loving heavenly Father, living in hope of inheriting his entire fortune. It is the community of the resurrection, in which the powers of Christ’s historic death and present heavenly life are already at work.

2 Responses to What is the Church?

  1. kris says:


    i know this is a little silly, but i try to call our building the ‘church building’ not the church. as we know, the people are the church.


  2. Laz says:

    Amazing that people (even Christians who should know better) don’t fully understand that.

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