Ann Coulter digs Sarah Palin

Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain’s choice of a running mate, Sarah Palin, has certainly struck a nerve with America. It doesn’t matter whether you are one of the faces of the seemingly left-leaning media houses (would Couric, Gibson and Williams been in NOLA had the DNC were ongoing? Pfft, please!), their adherents or someone on the other side of the proverbial aisle.

The pick generated talk, lots of it. At work we’ve gotten into discussions regarding the pick. I’ve had professing Democrats tell me that this woman is a poor choice because:

  1. She let her child get pregnant (“if you can’t keep control of your home…”)
  2. She has five children of her own (“How is she going to do her job effectively? Isn’t her teenage daughter’s pregnancy proof of that?”)
  3. She’s inexperienced (yes they said this with a straight face, must have forgotten just how junior the junior Senator from Illinois actually is).

Of course, given the fact that at least one of these folk is an unabashed admirer of President Clinton, I couldn’t help but bring up his dalliances while in office. To which my Clintonista co-worker replied with an ever thoughtful, “I love the guy”. Yeah…

Based on what she’s written, I’d have to say (for whatever it’s worth) that Ann Coulter (right) and I seem to have fairly similar worldviews. To be sure though, I don’t always agree with her methodology.

She recently penned a column (“The Best Man Turned Out to be a Woman”) in which in my humble opinion she deflates the liberal case against Sarah Palin.

Most striking is the following paragraph:

Then they attacked her daughter, who actually is pregnant now, for being unmarried. When liberals start acting like they’re opposed to pre-marital sex and mothers having careers, you know McCain’s vice presidential choice has knocked them back on their heels.


For another well-written column on Mrs. Palin see,
A Time-Warped Sexist Assault


29 Responses to Ann Coulter digs Sarah Palin

  1. unvarnishedtruth says:

    No, not *zing* at all, but changing goalposts to suit her agenda and fool uncritical readers, of which there are plenty and on which she has made her career.

    Changing goalposts? Do you know anything factual about Ms. Coulter to back this up? She might very well be someone who has seized a moment in this country’s history but merely saying it on the grounds of personal animus does not seem very reasonable.

    Democrats don’t lecture people about family values and Repiglicans do.

    Maybe lecturing people on “family values” and such is not something the Democrats do (I’d go with the liberal/conservative line instead of Dem/Rep) but what about lecturing the unconverted on the virtue of vice?

    Democrats don’t drag families into political skirmishes and Repiglicans do. That’s the difference–hypocrites!

    Did you type this with a straight face? So by calling Reps “hypocrites” does that mean that you’re not? If you have never been hypocritical you have my congratulations, but since that is highly doubtful you just joined yourself with the very people you seem to loathe.

  2. I want Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin in my bed at the same time

    I don’t think either woman would go for that. Though based on unvarnished’s claims, Coulter might…

  3. kris says:


    Zing is right. It seems the left wants women in high posts, but only women that line up with their world view. If Palin had aborted her Downs baby, if her daughter had aborted her unplanned pregnancy, if she was not pro-life, if she did not want to tap into our countries natural resources, if she did not wear a skirt…maybe then they would like her.


  4. Laz says:

    Kathleen Parker wrote a column (“Palin the Impaled”) echoing some of your thoughts.

    She had some good lines,

    Some also have questioned whether Palin, whose son Trig has Down syndrome, can be both a mother and a vice president? These questions aren’t coming from the right — so often accused of wanting to keep women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen — but from the left.

    Did someone switch the Kool-Aid?

    Palin is everything liberals have always purported to want for women — freedom to choose, opportunities for both career and family, a shot at the top ranks of American political life. With five children and an impressive resume, Palin should be Miss July in the go-girl calendar.

    Should Palin and McCain prevail come November, feminism can curtsy and treat herself to a hard-earned vacation. The greatest achievement of feminism won’t be that a woman reached the vice presidency, but that a woman no longer needed feminists to get there.

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  6. jeanie says:

    If I were Obama I would threaten by the Republican new “Star” Shara Palin.

    The Democrats put on an Hour of Pomf and ceremony, and the Repulicans had the start of the show they were trying to sell us.

    If I were Obama I would jsut concede now – me’s time. He can’t wind are a war hero

    Go Mc Cain go Paline go go go go

  7. jeanie says:

    If I were Obama I’d be very threatened by the Republican “Star show stealer” – Sarah Paliln.

    The Democrats put on an “Hour of pomf and ceremony,” with ZERO substance – and the Republicans came along with Sarah Palin and stoled the whole show.

    And isn’t it all so amazing!

  8. Ali says:

    This whole argument about Palin not being able to have 5 kids and be VP fails to take into account a few things.

    For a start, only the youngest of her two kids are of the age where they require a great deal of parenting. When it comes to her daughters soon to arrive newborn…….well…..why is that the grand mother’s responsibility.

    Her daughter and the father should be responsible for that, although I’m sure they will have total support.

    The other thing, nobody has even mentioned once, that I have read, about the possibility of Sarah’s husband making the sacrifices to free him up to assume the bulk of the parental care so that Sarah can commit greater time to the VP job.

    And I”ll bet the Dem’s will say it shows Sarah is a bad mum for expecting her husband to do that, but isn’t it a feminist ideal and therefore a democrat ideal that men should be prepared to sacrifice for the family also. If not then the Dem’s have been having a lend of the Fems for all these years. I’ll bet he would, it’s not like he’d be sacrificing so his wife can go and work as a check out chic 12 hours a day.

    Now, lets see about these comments about how her downs syndrome child should come first………well according to Fems, and therefore Dems….she should have aborted the child, that would be putting the child first……right? So lets not worry about what Dems say, who think that the best way to show you care most about your disabled child is to abort it, and now pretend that they car at all about that childs welfare……it’s just pathetic.

  9. jim says:

    Since you obviously sleep in a pig-stye, I doubt if even one (Sarah or Ann) would be found in your filthy bed, you nasty mouthed hog.

  10. batguano101 says:

    Colter has the hots for Palin?

  11. unvarnishedtruth says:

    > Changing goalposts? Do you know anything factual
    > about Ms. Coulter to back this up?

    Yes, read her columns dating back years.

    > Democrats don’t drag families into political skirmishes
    > and Repiglicans do. That’s the difference–hypocrites!

    Did you type this with a straight face? So by calling Reps “hypocrites” does that mean that you’re not?


    > If you have never been hypocritical you have my
    > congratulations, but since that is highly doubtful you just
    > joined yourself with the very people you seem to loathe.

    I don’t lecture other people sanctimoniously, and use a morally superior position to win elections only to then contradict myself once in power.

    In a way, you’re doing just that: lecturing people sanctimoniously.

  12. liz says:

    > If you have never been hypocritical you have my
    > congratulations, but since that is highly doubtful you just
    > joined yourself with the very people you seem to loathe.

    Answer me honestly now. Did you say that same thing when Bill Clinton said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”?

  13. Laz says:

    Actually liz back then I thought Bill was the man for being quite the skirt chaser.

  14. Jackie C. says:

    I know why Ann coulter digs Sarah Palin: It’s because they are both “smart mouthed’ “tart mouthed” “snippy snide” women. They are kindred spirits in a way, quick with the retort, quick to cut someone down, and in some ways, both are quick to chcange their positions to fit their political views. The only difference is the hair color–but the mouths are the mean mouths are the same.

  15. Kevin C. says:

    Unbelievable!! Anyone who is supporting this brand NEW Republican ticket is either one of two things…..a puppet…..or insane! The conservatives are trying to be liberals…it’s all turned around. Lies and misperception….if they get elected…PALIN/MCCAIN…HA! Then the country is surely doomed. No more needs to be said. Let us all just tuck tail and count our blessings that Bush will finally be out of office. The Neo-Cons are the biggest hypocrites in the continental USA. And the Liberals are just plain too scared and cowardly to do anything about it. Just goes to show you that lunatics run the asylum….and this country is the biggest mental ward on the planet. Take your prozaic, people…..the psychos (REPUBLICANS) are back! And they’re not leaving.

  16. Anne Rodgers says:

    The Dems don’t like Sarah Palin because she is a radical with a gun in one hand and a bible in the other….. extremist and has touted that God is inspiring us to do the right thing in Iraq. WWJD? Jesus wouldn’t have us fight in Iraq in the first place. Jesus knew that there weren’t any WMDs out yonder.

    The dems don’t like SP because she only got a passport last year and if she shows up in a foreign land she might be more interested in seeing the sights v. negotiating with world leaders. Like “Wow, Todd look at that big cool.”

    The Dems don’t like SP because they know that they don’t want someone “just like them” to be leader of the free world. They want someone who relates to them, yet is “extraordinary”. SP is an ordinary girl who, based on reports and her record, bullied her way into politics. Wow – took her 6 years to get a mediocre degree from a mediocre school. We need more intellectual girth than what she has to offer. Obama is brilliant and hails from working class roots.

    We don’t need a president who brags about being akin to a pit bull…pit bulls don’t have any brains…only blood-sucking brawn. …just what we need in the world right now and at home.

    The list goes on…but its time for the Repub rednecks to wake up and become enlightened. We don’t need more of the same “good ol’ boy/girl yucka yucka yucka mentality” We need great thinkers.

    Hockey moms stay home with your lipstick.

  17. LK Benet says:

    You know BO is just kicking himself for not choosing a female for his running mate. Eat your heart out BHO!!!!

  18. maureen says:

    Lets be really honest here folks.
    1. If Hillary was Obama’s VP McCain wouldn’t have picked Palin .
    2. Palin may be a great person but Tina Fey can play her part better than she can.
    3. If Obama woke up white tomorrow morning the old guy would just throw in the towel(oh yes, unfortunately race is playing a part)
    4. You don’t have to like your elected representatives you just have to like what they do to make your life better. Ask yourselves the big question “who will be better for the country?”

  19. Roger says:

    Also imagine the field day the GOP would have had if they had found Obama with an out of wedlock child…

    Did Sen. McCain have an out of wedlock child?

    “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” – H.L. Mencken

  20. ben says:

    Ann Coulter is just a shock jock who’s out for the money. FACT.

    Perhaps, do you feel such animosity for other “shock jocks” or only the reactionary ones?

    I see you fell for it. FACT

    The post was merely to point out that Ms. Right (so called) approves of Gov. Palin, if this is “falling for it” so be it, as we can see you are entitled to your misguided opinions.

    And she’s obviously gay. OPINION

    Do you mean this literally or figuratively?

    And stupid looking. FACT

    This one is even more subjective than your previous assertion.

  21. jillbryant says:

    I don’t want Sarah Palin because I think it will be FOUR more years!!!

    1) She’s in the pocket of the oil companies. We already had a VP in their pocket and look how well that is working out for us. The car companies did not want to accept the rollout of the higher CAFE standards that the Clinton adminstration had left in place but Cheney rolled them back even farther than Ford asked for. American car companies should’ve been leading the innovation of the world – but no – we want Big Oil to have huge profits (Ari Fleischer made it clear that Bush encouraged Americans spending big resources back in 2001) So – no more oil people.
    2) Will not be held accountable. She said she would cooperate with the trooper investigation – she has changed her mind on that, her husband will also not be answering subpoenas (Bushco doesn’t believe in answering subpoenas either – I wonder what would happen if any of us dodged a subpoena)
    3) Liar – did not turn down the bridge to nowhere and did get earmarks – very big earmarks….
    4) Big spender. Took the small town of Wasilla and left it $20m in debt when she came in and it had none. Sound familiar. Alaska is doing very well. They have surplus funds and have always paid their citizens (including the children – my friend lives there) and Sarah is spending the surplus and borrowing against their future. She even needed to get in an administrator to run the town because she was inadequate
    5) Abuse of power. Got rid of the most experienced people to put in loyalists

    Personally, I also don’t like people that want abstinence only sex programs. They have been shown not to work (yes, her daughter is an example that even in the most Christian of homes, it can be a problem) but a baby is the least of the problems. There is AIDS, there are more and more antibiotic resistant forms of other STDs, HPV, etc. If my daughter got pregnant that would be one thing (although, I love how Republicans don’t want abortions but they also don’t want the social programs that would go a long way to helping an unwed mother feel like she could go through a pregnancy) but if my child ended up with HIV – that is a whole different ballgame.

    There are many more reasons but the start is she is Bush in drag.

  22. The Zoner says:

    “It seems the left wants women in high posts, but only women that line up with their world view.”

    Exactly. I’m not a huge fan of Palin’s but the hypocrisy is striking.

    Vote Ron Paul!

  23. Lou says:

    Get a life!!! Sarah Palin”s daughter is not the first teenager to get pregnant out of wedlock!!!! hello!!! I was 16 years old when my first born showed up and to this date he has now served for 9 years in the military and had 3 tours to Iraq!!! How come this doesn’t make world news?? Because he is Hispanic and he’s not a rich snobbed nosed kid like all the rich politicians kids, but yet, he is serving for YOU!!! You are all a bunch of ungrateful SOB’s!!! Get a life and start minding your own Damn business!
    And by the way, John McCain served his country and was a POW and he is still here for us and all Americans and he believes in God. Obama doesn’t belive in God or our flag or our beliefs or our country, that sand N…..
    Lou, thank you for your comment. You seem to hold belief in God in high regard, so I’m going to presume that you believe in God. Now, you think God approves of this kind of attitude towards others? What does calling Sen. Obama that awful name accomplish?

    POS wouldn’t even salute our own troops!! Because of religious beliefs??? Obama is the Anti-Christ and if he is elected then you can plan on being a muslim and you can plan on me bathing you in pigs blood. McCain&Palin, Our Country,Our Future!!!!

    No Lou I don’t think anyone will be forced to “convert” to Islam if Mr. Obama wins…

  24. Lou says:

    Thank You from The USS Ronald Reagan and all of our children serving our country.

  25. jeff says:

    Laz, why is the word “liberal” crossed out? In urban culture, crossing out the name of an opposing group signifies intentions to murder members of that group. Are you trying to start another civil war?

  26. Laz says:

    Jeff, thanks for the heads up but I’m not coming from the urban culture direction. What was meant was the mostly liberal outcry against Palin’s nomination.

    To be fair and balanced, there was some conservative opposition against Mrs. Palin’s nomination, but most of the indignation, not to mention vitriol, is coming from the left side of the proverbial aisle.

    Based on talking to folks of that persuasion, it has to do in large part to her “hairdo and glasses”.

  27. Bobbo says:

    Not that I’m endorsing Obama (that jerk voted for the bailout, too), but, like the saying goes concerning experience: “Jesus was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor.”

    I have more foreign policy and immigration experience than Sarah Palin does because as a kid “I could see Mexico from my house!”

    She’s the consummate politician: full of buzz words low on details, and can tug on heart strings. My mom and grandpa will vote for her because she’s folksy, and their racist, but I can’t support her because she hates polar bears, wants to drill for oil in wildlife refuges, doesn’t know what the job entails (“…what does the Vice-President do, anyway?”), and because spends way too much time double-talking about emotionally charged issues, and not enough time addressing pressing issues like healthcare, credit restructuring, Social Security and economics.

    Oh yeah, and then there’s “Troopergate.”

    Ron Paul and Ralph Nader might be nuts, but together they’d be nuts enough to fix this country, methinks.

  28. Bobbo says:

    Oh, and Ann Coulteri s more of a product than a person, now. I remember a time when, listening to Coulter on talk radio meant listening to a voice that points out faults in liberal thinking and policy. Now, she’s more of a tool of the Church Of Karl Rove/Steve Atwood Spin & Mudslinging.

    Of course she endorses Palin. She’d endorse a werewolf if McCain had picked one…that’s her job, and she does it well. She’s just as bad as the “liberal” left-wing media, except on the Fox News side of the “We speculate, you decide,” side.

  29. Laz says:

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about Ron Paul.

    Did you see my post about the community organizer/governor shirt?

    Well since I lived in the old country (and am an immigrant), then I should have the most foreign policy experience, no? Ha, ha…

    As for Coulter, she was on board with McCain, I think she much preferred Romney. Because of this I was kind of surprised that she liked the Palin pick. Maybe she realized that she’d sell more books if she didn’t?

    As for the conservative/liberal great divide, well here is what CS Lewis said about pairs of opposites.

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