Putin Downs a Tiger, México keeps laughing…


Are we playing “Capture the Flag” or “King of the Hill”?

Yeah I know Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin looks like he’s in the middle of a rather extreme (no face mask!) game of paintball, but no that’s not the case.

No, Volodya  went on a little expedition to save the Siberian tiger (that’s a tranquilizer gun by the way).

Russia’s Putin tracks tiger in latest TV escapade

According to the story, this is but another attempt to boost the Prime Minister’s manly man image.

In eight years as president, the popular Putin burnished his image with televised appearances that painted him as a tough, healthy and energetic young leader eager to take on new challenges.

Good for him (for caring enough about the magnificent beasts) but I know that at least in México, with a surname like Putin he’s going to have to do a little more than brandish a glorified paintball gun marker to toughen up his image.

6 Responses to Putin Downs a Tiger, México keeps laughing…

  1. Matt George says:

    I can’t say anything positive about Putin, especially in light of what happened recently in Georgia.

  2. David Gerard says:

    Putin was showing the effete Westerners the power of Russian manliness. http://notnews.today.com/?p=55

    Palin would have shot the tiger with a 12-bore, then ripped out and eaten its still-beating heart with a giggle.

    Obama would have smiled a dazzling smile and the tiger would have stopped in its tracks and slunk off slightly ashamed.

  3. Laz says:

    Matt, we don’t have the whole story, or do we?

    Thanks for the imagery David, “with a giggle”… LOL

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