Evolution: The Evidence

It seems that some Chinese cats have taken the next step in their evolution.

Here’s one of the transitional animals (obviously this is punctuated equilibrium not gradualism, so take that Dr. Dawkins):

Either that or Fluffy has been putting away Red Bull at prodigious rates.

This is the story:
Ready for take-off, Tiddles? Meet the cats which have sprouted wings

3 Responses to Evolution: The Evidence

  1. forknowledge says:

    This isn’t really ‘evolution’…it’s an example of a pretty startling mutation that most likely won’t have any sort of effect on the organism (beneficial or harmful), but I doubt cats will have useless ‘wings’ ten thousand years from now.

    You really can’t say unless you have taken a spin on the DeLorean and went to the time of the flying cat…

    Still interesting, though.

    (Oh, and this definitely isn’t a transitional thing. As far as I’m aware, transitional forms are only identified retroactively; how else do you know what they’re a transitional form between?)

    My attempt at levity apparently escaped you…

  2. forknowledge says:

    Well, hey, I had no idea if you were serious or not. There’s a lot of nonsense out there about evolution, after all 😉

    LOL, that could be interpreted in so many ways…

  3. forknowledge says:

    It could indeed! For example, I found some truly ridiculous ‘information’ on evolution in the following:


    Particularly the comments. Every time I see someone praising Darwins’ Black Box, I get a splitting headache.

    I haven’t read the book.

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