John Tesh trumps Team USA’s Gold

So check it out, I was one of those crazy people who stayed up until 4 AM to watch Team USA outlast a persistent Spanish team in the Men’s Basketball Gold Medal Game (see “Redeem Team’ slides past Spain, carries out mission of Olympic gold“)

I told the wife that I’d go to bed if by halftime, it was apparent that the Spanish didn’t put up a fight. Well they did. Boy, 17-year-old Ricky Rubio (Spain’s point guard, pictured right) is going to be a big star in the NBA one day. Don’t let the fact that he looks straight out of Fern Gully throw you off.

I was also surprised (like analyst Doug Collins) by Spanish guard Juan Carlos Navarro’s ability to score at will against a robust American defense.

How good is Dwayne Wade? Much better than his Converse kicks, which let him down a few times as he drove to the hole.

Team USA was impressive in its victory but still let Spain get back in it by allowing way too many open shots.

Even more impressive than watching my adopted nation regain its rightful spot at the Olympic games, was listening once more to John Tesh’s epic, “NBA on NBC” score:

The tune holds fond memories for me since the Rockets won 2 titles when NBC had the broadcast rights to the NBA.

Only thing missing from this morning’s game though, was hearing Marv Albert and Matt Goukas…

4 Responses to John Tesh trumps Team USA’s Gold

  1. Travis Outlaw says:

    Ricky Rubio was amazing. He’s should be the first pick in next years draft for sure.

  2. Laz says:

    I agree, provided that the team with the first pick is in need of a point guard.

    Or do you think he’s worth the pick no matter what that particular team’s need will be?

  3. Travis Outlaw says:

    Well it all depends of course on what the teams in top 2 of the lottery need.
    On this website they believe the Memphis Grizzlies will be the worst team in the NBA. Well they don’t need Ricky Rubio because they already have a potential all-star in Mike Conley jr. The bobcats are second and they don’t need a point guard because they have ray felton and just drafted Dj Augustin. But if the Pacers, Bucks, Knicks are the worst team in the NBA they for sure will pick up Rubio. Looking at articles in the internet it seems like Rubio is actually going to come out in 2010 and not this year. But if Rubio does come out this year his biggest competition is really Brandon Jennings and I think Rubio is better than him. Rubio is only 17 and have a great olympics. I think he has played himself right into that first overall pick slot. And teams don’t always draft for need. The Bulls this year took the best player with the first pick. Derrick Rose a point guard even though they didn’t really need a point guard.

  4. Bobbo says:

    Tesh’s theme song pumped me up for B-Ball during the Olympics, too…I wonder if those Spaniards coming to the NBA will get flack for the eye-slit stretch ad…Oh, and my wife insists that someone needs to re-arrange Tesh’s masterpiece into a slow and mournful requiem that sounds to me (as she hums it) mysteriously like the end of the Law & Order theme song…

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