And Now the Rest of the Story: Star Wars Wedding

The other day I posted a picture of proof positive of human devolution* (see “Provide the Caption: Star Wars-Themed Wedding“).

Well in case anyone is pining for the story behind this sordid affair, here she is:

May the force be with… I do: The Star Wars fans and their out-of-this-world wedding

Hey at least the cake was cool:

*In all fairness to the participants, a few years ago, a variation of this disaster would have been my dream wedding. I would have gone with the Djas Puhr look (below),

while forcing (no pun intended, after all Herr Puhr was force-sensitive, ability 4 baby!) my bride to gear up in the gown worn by Princess Leia at the end of a New Hope (so sue me for being a purist).

3 Responses to And Now the Rest of the Story: Star Wars Wedding

  1. kimita says:

    sorry – that dress is a little too low-cut for me. other than that flaw, i might have agreed to wear something similar for the reception only. the cake would’ve been a big no-no. as for your “look,” i think would’ve left you at the altar!! 🙂 JUST kidding!

  2. healtheland says:

    Devolution due to sin? I would quite agree …

  3. Laz says:

    No doubt my friend

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