Martha Karolyi’s Sour Grapes

OK so maybe Alicia Sacramone (below right, picture credit: Reuters) might have cost the US women’s gymnastics team the gold last night by falling off the balance beam then doubling down by slipping in the next event, the floor exercise.

Team USA eventually claimed the silver medal and it was a huge disappointment judging by the looks on the girls’ faces. [Funny because the U.S. men reacted like they had won an Academy Award, Bible Bowl, the Super Bowl, World Series, the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest and the gold after winning “only” bronze the day before. Had they won the silver, they might just have dropped dead from excitement.]

Then U.S. team director, Martha Karolyi had to pull out all the stops in making excuses for Sacramone’s potential gold medal-costing performance. According to this story (“U.S. team blame stadium official for gymnastics loss”):

US team coordinator Martha Karolyi said officials at Beijing’s National Indoor Stadium had disrupted Sacramone’s preparations for the beam.

“First they called her name up, then they did not even put her name up even though the Chinese had finished … (it was) totally unusual holding,” she said.

“She was mentally prepared and then she had a mental break, then after not doing the job, the beam, on the floor exercise her concentration was bothered.”

Karolyi insisted the world champion US team would have won gold if Sacramone had not become unsettled.

Had the U.S. team won gold, I wonder if Martha would have said that the alleged saboteurs only strengthened her girls’ resolve?

8 Responses to Martha Karolyi’s Sour Grapes

  1. KW says:

    i watched this last night. where is good sportsmanship? it is still a virtue and we all should strive for it, even Olympians.


  2. katdish says:

    They’re just all *itchy because they don’t eat enough. Watch swimming…SWIMMERS ROCK!

  3. Blue Brothers says:

    Wow, has it occured to Karolyi that the Chinese won because they were simply better than the Americans today? That the Chinese made fewer errors? No, I guess not, if they won, they must be cheating. I know it’s hard to take a second place, but mumbling about conspiracy theories on under-age kids dosen’t really change things does it?

  4. I agree. Sour grapes, poor sportsmanship, and she is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the United States. Revoke her work permit and send her packing.

  5. iluvtheolympics! says:

    Wow, what a joke! The more that woman says, the more she embarasses herself. She really doesn’t understand that you show sportsmanship and accept the results. The whole team says that the Chinese did better and that they deserved the gold, but she won’t? She and her husband won’t accept anything that doesn’t go their way and they will find any excuse. The US team has good sportsmanship, but she disgraced them.

  6. Laz says:

    Even if she might have a genuine gripe, it still looks like sour grapes doesn’t it?

    William, she might be a U.S. citizen so your wish might not come to fruition…

  7. David Markowitz says:

    Enough is enough…can we just get rid of these damn Karolyis!!!
    They are all about themselves!!!
    They only care about making money…they don’t give a damn about our athletes!!!
    Let’s bring in some new blood!! some american blood & say goodbye Bela & Marta!!! Sheesh!!!!

  8. Laz says:

    Hey David, how good was Bela’s rant a couple of nights ago after Alicia Sacramone got ripped off of a bronze medal?

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