Univisión Steps Its Game Up

Univisión, as most people know, is a Spanish-language television station. Contrary to popular perception:

  • it is pronounced Uni-vees-ee-on not Uni-vision
  • its programming does not consist solely of variety shows featuring large men surrounded by ladies in late evening wear (that would be rival station, Telemundo), nor does it consist solely of sitcoms set in classrooms with middle-age people dressed as schoolchildren and a sultry cougar as their teacher

Here are some things that can be observed about the network,

  • There is fútbol on Sundays
  • The novelas (soap operas) are not perpetual like their American counterparts but all of them have basically the same story line (dirt poor, preferrably indigenous-looking, girl falls in love with rich European looking dude, but social and economic forces prevent the pairing until… it is discovered that poor girl is the sole heir to a shadowy magnate’s vast fortune thereby erasing said social and economic forces but upper-class blond/blue bombshell antagoinst still remains to be vanquished… undoubtedly she suffers a horrible fate which is roughly karmaic in nature, and the heroine and her prince live happily ever after)
  • There are no ads for State Farm Insurance but ads for Estate Farm are legion
  • Hosts and station luminaries like to pretend that people from different Latin American countries can all be happily lumped into one big happy family

All this to point out that the wildly popular station is overtaking some of its English-speaking counterparts,
Rapid growth for Spanish-speaking television news

Felicidades Univision!

3 Responses to Univisión Steps Its Game Up

  1. katdish says:

    What????? You mean you can’t lump you all into one big happy family?

    A few years ago, I was at a ladies retreat and I wanted to have some fun with Sonia Brown (do you know Sonia?). Anyway, I pretended I didn’t know where Olga and Sheny were from, but I thought she was either from Mexico or from one of those other “Mexican countries”. I then proceeded to walk towards the two ladies to ask them. Sonia quickly explained that my comment would be insulting. I crack myself up sometimes…

  2. misawa says:

    Dude – you know astonishingly more about las novelas than any dude aught to. 😀

  3. Laz says:

    Any Mexican worth his salt knows about archetypes in novelas, and well, I’m no exception. The novela is a source for national pride since arguably it is our most famous export. For example, I have a co-worker from Kazakhstan.

    Her and I relate through Mexican novelas that were shown in her country. They are a huge hit, especially in former Eastern Bloc countries (no doubt due to these shows ‘ emphasis on class struggles).

    Some say the wall might have never come down if not for novelas.

    It is similar though not as bad as calling a Japanese person “Korean”. Them be fightin’ words!

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