Picking up Change gets you picked up

Preparing for a lifetime of crime?

When I hear the phrase “picking up change” I can’t help but think of the dance that bears that name.

When Laslo Mujzer of Florida hears the phrase he’ll forever think of the clink. Mr. Mujzer was arrested after lifting $0.42 from a mall fountain.

Police arrest man accused of taking 42 cents from mall fountain

According to the story, the “proceeds” from the fountain went to the local Habitat for Humanity chapter, so perhaps the overreaction was justified?

So now my “namesake”* will have a petty theft charge on his record for doing something that is a rite of passage for every child in America, treating the mall fountain as one’s personal ATM.

*Some people think my name is Laslo which is funny because I don’t look the least bit Hungarian

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