The DNC: It’s not easy being Green…

Tell this guy something he doesn’t know…

Came across this Wall Street Journal piece in yesterday’s Houston Chronicle,

The Greenest Show on Earth: Democrats Gear Up for Denver

Democrats are jumping through biodegradable hoops to make, in the words of Denver mayor John Hickenlooper, their upcoming convention, “the greenest convention in the history of the planet.”

Of course, no decent greening article would be complete without the reminder that indulgences are alive and kicking. To atone for their sins against Mother Gaia the DNC hired a “greening director” (not Kermit) who then hired,

…an Official Carbon Adviser, who will measure the greenhouse-gas emissions of every placard, every plane trip, every appetizer prepared and every coffee cup tossed. The Democrats hope to pay penance for those emissions by investing in renewable energy projects.

Fantastic. Greenguilt-free politicking what can beat that? Nothing, except maybe this post.

Or perhaps this from the Wall Street Journal piece,

Watching the greening frenzy from afar, Fred L. Smith Jr., president of the libertarian Washington think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, suggested the Democrats could really shrink their footprint by staging a virtual-reality convention: “Just have everyone stay at home with their laptops, sitting in their pajamas, interacting through their avatars.”


2 Responses to The DNC: It’s not easy being Green…

  1. KW says:

    The title alone cracked me up.

    This subject is one I could go on and on about. I believe one of the biggest hypocrisy is the new fad of buying carbon emissions credits. I think it works something like this. If you know you are going to put a lot of pollution into the air (let’s say a private jet to the DNC convention) you can buy credits that allow you to do so without any regret. I have a couple of questions: Who is collecting that money and what are they doing with it? I also have an observation. Isn’t the fact that the wealthy in our society are able to buy these credits (and not have to change their lifestyles) while the average Joe cannot afford this luxury. He, the average Joe, is expected to suck it up and do without. It seems that goes against many of the philosophies of those associated with the DNC. Can you say ‘Hypocrisy?’

    Just a thought


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