It’s a good thing Manny Ramirez didn’t shove Joe Horn…

Back in November of last year a Pasadena (Texas) man, Joe Horn, gunned down 2 men who were burglarizing his neighbor’s house. Given the ethnicity (Hispanic) of the 2 (now dead) burglars, much controversy and protesting followed. In fact the outrage followed Mr. Horn to his home, where people protested his actions (and perhaps his right to live).

Mr. Horn is either viewed as a hero or as just another example of a bloodthirsty white man unloading his cruelty (and racism, let us not forget that one!) on defenseless and unassuming minorities. For better or for worse these camps divide along ‘racial’ lines.

Yesterday, Mr. Horn was cleared of any wrongdoing, here’s the story from the Houston Chronicle,

Joe Horn cleared by grand jury in Pasadena shootings

Predictably, those who have demonized Mr. Horn for the past 7 months were none too happy about this (at least there were no riots, remember the Rodney King verdict?) and the Chronicle would have been remiss if they didn’t give us a great quote from someone in this camp,

Frank Ortiz, a member of the local League of United Latin American Citizens chapter, said he hopes federal authorities investigate the case further.

“That’s amazing that they would no-bill him with so much evidence against him,” Ortiz said. “It’s amazing to me that anyone with a Hispanic surname cannot get justice. This was no more than a vigilante.”

No, Mr. Ortiz, I’ll tell you what is amazing: that your emotional and ill-considered choice of words actually proved true in retrospect.

This last Saturday, Boston Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez, whose team was in town to face the ‘Stros, shoved the team’s traveling secretary for not providing him with sixteen game tickets on short notice.

How did the Red Sox discipline Manny? By doing nothing, in other words by not carrying out what is just and fair to the norms of common decency (though he did apologize).

At last check Ramirez is an “Hispanic surname” and Man-Ram didn’t get justice since he was let off the hook by the team. Somehow I don’t think this is what Frank Ortiz had in mind…

2 Responses to It’s a good thing Manny Ramirez didn’t shove Joe Horn…

  1. Zach says:

    How would you feel if it were your home these parasites broke into? Joe Horn is a hero. He prevented two men from harming other innocent people. You liberals need to realize that criminals are not the victims.

  2. Laz says:

    Zach did you even read the post?

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