Best friends: Anatolian Shepherd Dogs and Cheetahs

About a month ago, we made an impromptu visit to the Houston Zoo. Our son absolutely loves animals and the awe on his face as he looked at the giraffes is worth more than the price of admission (a hefty $10 for adults, it used to be free).

Of course, I had to set aside the fact that the zoo is more or less an animal penitentiary (what animals have to be penitent about I cannot say), but then again as a child you don’t really see it that way

When we hit the cheetah enclosure I noticed that there were a couple of enormous white dogs in there with them. I thought it odd, asked the wife about it, she didn’t know anything about it so I filed the question and didn’t give it further thought until I saw this recent feel-good story,
Meet the dog that thinks there’s nothing sweetah than a cheetah.

Good for them in furthering their efforts to improve canine-feline relations.

Maybe an Anatolian shepherd would have been an apt mediator when that misguided soul ventured into Bongo’s enclosure.

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