México 2, Belize 0: Mini-Flags, Plastic Shofars, and Meximullets, Oh My!

Went with my pops and my youngest sister to last Sunday’s World Cup qualifying match here at Reliant Stadium between my beloved Tri and Belize. Took my trusty Kodak Z740 and took some shots of the game.

As to El Tri’s performance, they did not play as well as their talent level would suggest. Yes they did win, but their inability to finish around the box was glaring. Arsenal wunderkind Carlos Vela (below) played up front for most of the match and missed a clear put back.

Vela did redeem himself later by nudging in a rebound off a free kick for Mexico’s first (and winning) score. Here he is celebrating that score with some of his teammates,

The second goal came from the aged foot of legendary one-dimensional striker Jared Borghetti (below),

Here is a shot of Andrés Guardado partially blocked not by a defender but by some guy’s melon,

Here’s Mexican keeper Oswaldo Sánchez expressing his angst regarding his recent arrest,

The team celebrates the victory,

This guy is my favorite Belizean ever. Despite his team’s total lack of offensive effort, he cheered his national squad as if they were contesting the World Cup Final with Argentinian aplomb. He did this mainly by waving a small Belize flag which was no larger than a square of toilet paper.

This is post-game as we descended one of the cavernous concourses of Reliant Stadium. These boys were blowin’ hard enough into their plastic shofars to bring down Jericho ( I liked how the girl on the left thought I was taking a picture of her),

And last but certainly not least, what large gathering of Mexicans would be complete without a properly groomed and picture-perfect Meximullet?

8 Responses to México 2, Belize 0: Mini-Flags, Plastic Shofars, and Meximullets, Oh My!

  1. Luke says:


    How do you feel about the appointment of Sven as the new manager for Mexico? He did a pretty good job in England and I think he brings some international prestige to this young squad.

  2. Laz says:

    He does bring prestige and Mexico’s history with a European at the helm has been good (see Bora in the ’86 Cup).

    Though Sven does bring the “close but no cigar” cloud from his days in England into a country whose national team is the epitome of “ya merito” (loosely translated as “close but no cigar”).

    We’ll have to wait and see, though to be sure, given the squad’s talent level and their recent poor performance it cannot get any “worse”.

    Thanks for checking in Luke, been a while.

  3. Neil Aquino says:

    They were watching soccer in the North End of Boston today. Maybe even the ghost of Paul Revere was watching–Though I could not see him if he was.

  4. Laz says:

    Were they watching Eurocup?

    Are you vacationing in Boston, Neil?

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  6. KW says:

    i had my honeymoon in belize, so i guess i am bummed they lost.


  7. itzel avila says:

    hi thier i bet u it feels good to watch all those cuite player. u are so lucky

  8. Laz says:

    Sorry itzel I was there for there for the game not the “cute players”.

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